Controversial Art

“Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
‘Cause we need a little controversy,
‘Cause it feels so empty without me”

You hear artists like their work to create emotion, cause the end user to think, and so on. It sure seems true with artists such as Eminem, Damien Hurst, and even Picasso. Let it be know that I do not think of myself as an artist. However, I did intend our DPVA Show House Girl’s Bedroom to tell a story and to entice the viewer to think.

ThisAli Frazieris the source of the controversy.

Yes, I put it in a girl’s room. Well heck, Ali’s own daughter is a successful boxer. But that’s not why we put it there. We wanted the room to tell a story of a strong, independent girl.Daisies and boxers

Who still had a very feminine side. There are those of us who exist, you know.

The opposite side of the room featured a beautiful, yet non traditional floral print. And we had soft pink accents throughout.

Floral printShow Houses are supposed to let designers push the limits of their own creativity.

Still, we heard plenty of opinions. Some downright rude.

And then there were those few who got it. Immediately smiled upon entering the room, because this photograph was about the first thing you saw. They got the small touches- the Katherine Hepburn book discretely placed on the coffee table, the worn ballet pointe shoes hanging on the closet door. And I whole heartedly thank you for letting us know- your emails and texts meant so much to me and Sarah. Concept statement

So, I’m sorry if you were one of the ones who “didn’t get it”; wondered why our girl’s room wasn’t pink; was shocked by the “violent and sexist” photograph.

Or maybe I’m not.

Because you know what? This was my favorite thing in the space.

StonePeak Ceramics

FullSizeRender 7Last week the Scouts took a field trip to Crossville, TN to visit the StonePeak Ceramics production facility.DSC_3433

We were hosted by StonePeak and our local tile distributor, Mees Distributors. The visit was informative and really interesting.

We saw the tile making process from start…IMG_7852DSC_3387 copyDSC_3450 copyTo finish:DSC_3473 copy

These extra large tiles are from their Plane series. They can be specified as large as 5′ x 10′ . Oh the possibilities!IMG_7928

They actually had a machine called the Atomizer. Reminds me of Marvin the Martian.

StonePeak brings the artistry of Italian tile making and manufacturers it here in the good ole USA. That means lead times are shorter and we actually know what is in the building material we are using, unlike many Chinese made tiles. And price points are great.

We were amazed to learn what a green company StonePeak is. From using recycled materials in their tile to their air cleaning standards, we were impressed how much this company cares.DSC_3390 copyYou know what else was a big surprise to all of us? The ready to ship material is stored outside. The amount of tile was staggering!IMG_7849We got a sneak peak of the new collections. Can’t wait to use this Zebrino somewhere.IMG_7862

We specified the Palazzo series in our Show House hall bathroom we recently completed.HallBathIt was a huge hit with everyone. Read about it here.

A big thank you to StonePeak and Mees for treating us to this opportunity!

Before and After- Hall Bath

Don’t ask me how it happened; it just did. We ended up with not one, not two, but THREE spaces in this year’s DPVA Designer Show House.

Today I’ll show you the before and after of the hall bath. We worked on this space in conjunction with Amanda Cook of Mees Distributors.HallBathBeforeI am a big lover or vintage and original features in a house, but unfortunately, not much could be saved from this bath. The homeowners requested we replace the sinks and the tile was in bad shape. We did find a great company to resurface the bathtub- Baker Refinishing, but other than that we pretty much gutted it. HallBathAnd here is the after in all her glory! The star of the show is the floor which is a StonePeak porcelain tile. The tiles are actually 12×24 believe it or not. Our tile installer did a magnificent job not only creating the illusion of smaller tiles, but working with the incredibly crooked walls. We used an oversized subway tile on the walls for a little more modern look, but it still fits in with the period and style of the house.

We did salvage the original medicine cabinet. The plumbing fixtures were graciously donated by American Standard and WinWholesale of Dayton.

The composite shutters are a perfect solution for a bathroom window. The top and bottom louvers operate independently, providing privacy and still allowing light into the room. We were able to specify a 3-1/2″ louver size since the original windows are nice and deep. Thanks to Lafayette Venetian Blinds for helping us out on those.

I think the space ended up being a show stopper! Don’t miss your last chance to see this room as well as many other designer’s work. If you’re in the Dayton/Cinci/Columbus area, the house is open through tomorrow, May 17th. For more information visit the DPVA website.

I Love Lamp

Brick must be an interior designer at heart because I know how he feels. I really do love lamp. You know how I realized this? Because I spent the last three days with my sister selecting all the lighting for her new home in Ecuador. Well ok, a little more than just lighting, but that was a huge part of it. IMG_7175

When you build a house in Ecuador, it doesn’t come with light fixtures. That’s not such a bad thing as I’m guessing builder grade down there is about as mundane as builder grade around here. So it started when Iss (that’s what I call my sister) heard through the ex-pat network that lighting options basically suck in Ecuador. And I have rubbed off on her, because she is about as big of a lighting snob as I am. So she and her husband have decided to purchase all their fixtures here and ship them with their household goods.IMG_7190After a three day whirlwind trip to Cotacotchi to measure and photograph, we met at my studio this past week to make some decisions. Luckily, our US fixtures will translate down in Ecuador with no adjustments needed. However, the places they put the boxes are sometimes not what I am used to here. And we had to select all pendant/chandeliers due to beams, ceiling heights, etc. Ecuador Lighting compressedHere’s a sneak peek of some of the gorgeous things we selected. The Bling on the top left will be over the dining room table that you see straight in the doorIMG_7177

Everything else kind of stemmed from that. Now our fingers are crossed that the fixtures arrive in time. Because we all know about those lead times on light fixtures…. wink wink- you designers and some of our clients know what I’m talking about.

Have a good week everyone! ~Debbie

Designer Insights on Terrys Fabrics

A few weeks ago I received a request to be featured on Terrys Fabrics blog. They have a section called “Designer Insights” and they have featured some fabulous designers, so I was super excited to be included in this group. The article went online today.

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics
One of the fun things was selecting my five picks for the season. It was harder than I thought! So take a look at the interview and a few of the things I’m digging right now. Then pop over to the Designer Insights section of Terrys Fabrics and see what other designers are coveting- it’s really inspiring. Thanks for featuring me!

Retrospect and Looking Ahead

January. A time to reflect on the past 365 days and look ahead into the next.

2014 was quite a year for me and Vintage Scout. I officially became the solo Scout and 2014 was the first full year on my own. Closing the storefront and missing a crazy red head didn’t slow down business- the client base continued to grow. I knew I needed help and Someone up above must have also, because two talented individuals just kinda fell in my lap- Julie, who is our organized bookkeeper, and Sarah, who is the first Scout Associate Designer.

The goodies I learned at The Business of Design really began to take root this past year. I implemented much needed systems and a new software program, as well as simplified my pricing structure. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re getting there!Biz-of-Design

In my personal life, we finally ended the 4+ year court battle with my Dad’s wife to keep his dream of a family homestead. cabinThe Simmon Sibs and their families spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at The Cabin. The love and positive vibes were amazing. My brother, sister and I decided we want the house to be a cross between a Scandinavian cabin and a Southern Lodge- a tribute to our heritage. I’ll be excited to share with you along the way. Which leads me into 2015….

2015- wow. A few things things that lie ahead-

A new Vintage Scout logo and brand. Dana and I freshened it up after Jean left several years ago, so I suppose it’s time for me to do the same. Not only is Sarah a talented interior designer, she is also a highly sought after graphic designer. We have worked hard to come up with a new look that reflects me and what I envision the company to be. Some of you have already had a sneak peek as we have been slowly working it in. The full reveal including a new website should be soon. I can’t wait- I hope you’ll love it!new-logo

I’ll preface that the client I speak of is my sister, but I’ll be working on my first international project. Sissy is moving to Ecuador this year and building a new house. She and I will be traveling there in February for a site visit. Super psyched to say the least!Ecuador-House

More in love than ever with my clients and what they allow me to create for them. I don’t think I need say more other than THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And I can’t go without acknowledging the team that takes the vision to completion- I work with the best.

2015 brings a milestone for me. I will turn… gulp… 50. Oh my God, I said it and admitted it. I pledge to be in the best shape of my adult life on that summer solstice day, both mentally and physically.

Lots of other hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations for this upcoming year. Thanks for coming on this journey with me and I hope 2015 is good to each and everyone of you!