Au Bon Pain

Clients, we apologize- we’ve been preoccupied. If you follow us on Twitter you’ve seen some fun tidbits of the project we were immersed in last week. This is the third year we’ve been involved with the ARC Ohio RED Table Design Gala. The theme this year was all about PARIS and Ohh La Rouge. I’m not even sure I could describe our creative process for this, but after nixing creating an entire table out of Legos & a giant pop up book; we decided to make an Eiffel Tower out of, what else? French Bread! Where the heck do you even start with that?I know it sounds crazy, but we actually made our Tower to scale. Do you like our template? We used wrapping paper with a grid on the back for our pattern. Kinda looks like pajama pants, don’t you think? Finished it’s nearly 6 ft tall.

To build a six foot Eiffel Tower out of bread, you need a lot of bread. And I mean A LOT! No less than 32 baguettes and then some. You even have to make some.We started this project a good week ahead of time and we needed the whole week. Each night after closing the store, we plugged in the glue gun, poured ourselves a glass of wine and got to work.My poor babies were banished upstairs during the creative process.

Ready or not, the set up day was upon us. We gingerly loaded the masterpiece into the car and made our way to the Fairgrounds. We took the corners SLOWLY!Once we got there, we had our work cut out for us. Creating the sod “lawn” for our Eiffel Tower, stuffing the baguette vases with flowers, and last minute gluing. Not sure if I have any fingerprints left after the bread knife knicks and hot glue burns.Finally the Tower is up and in place! Table details come next. We hollowed out baguette ends, put a sweet little verbena in, and tied them to the chair backs. The same verbenas will brighten each place setting.An interactive experience awaits the diners at our table. Aside from the predictable croissant, each napkin contains a fun French phrase which guests can translate by using their phones to scan the enclosed QR Mark that will lead them to a blog with the literal translation and it’s English equivalent. Keep your phone out, because the moustache attached to a bread stick is a photo op waiting to happen!Most important, is the reason we are doing this whole thing. This years’ RED Table Design Gala will be the largest fundraiser for HIV/AIDS in the state of Ohio. It shows just how much our community cares about making sure services are available for those who need them in these times of budget cutbacks. Vintage Scout is proud to be a supporter of this worthy event and evening of fun.

4 thoughts on “Au Bon Pain”

  1. Wow! Love the bread backstory! Your table was magnificently chic, fun, and over the top.
    Loved as well the geraniums with the roots in those fab containers. Please pass the beurre!

  2. This was by far, the most creative table we had this year. Thank you for your talent and support. We raised over $500,000 to Reach, Empower and Dream or a World without AIDS. It was an absolute pleasure to have you back for the third time.

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