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Colorful Bracelets at Vintage Scout

We’re excited at Vintage Scout because we just got these fun handmade bracelets. They’re very colorful and the eclectic mix makes them perfect to layer. Beads are made from wood, Tagua Nut, Sandblasted Black Onyx, River Stone, Dyed Jade, and Turquoise. Embellished with Ceramic Skulls, Crosses, and Turtles. Priced right at only $24 each, they would make a great gift or jazz up your own holiday outfit. And they are made right here in the good ole US of A. Swing by the store for the best selection and go ahead and finish up your Christmas shopping.

Monday’s Furniture Crush

For this Monday’s Furniture Crush we knew we wanted to share a High Point find, but it was tough narrowing it down; we saw so many wonderful things. So we decided to bring you some of the unique things we found that we haven’t seen floating around out there amongst all the market photos.

If you must have a foosball table in your home, why not make it a piece of furniture? We had to practically fight off the guys playing it to get a photo.

Screen printed upholstered headboard, trimmed out with furniture webbing. Genius and gorgeous! This company also had huge floor pillows; all offered with a variety of images.20121022-114623.jpg

Bright colored metal furniture is virtually indestructible. Perfect for kids rooms.20121022-114713.jpgAs always, if you are interested in any of the pieces we’ve shown, contact us at . Vintage Scout Interiors is your resource for innovative designs, unique finds and one of a kind pieces.

Highlights of Scout Day Two At Market

Day two here in High Point was filled with just as many if not more amazing finds as day one.
We started our morning at perpetual favorite, Design Legacy. Always inspiring. Always clever.

Next, we thought we’d check out a new upholstery line and really happy we did. CR Laine has so many wonderful fabrics paired with great frames. These are just a few that we loved.

We thought this vendor had a great color story.

How did the HPMkt Style Spotters miss these? Infatuated with these acrylic pieces from Four Hands. Not the least expensive things we saw, but wow, what a statement.

And then you know, the Scouts are always gonna have a little bit of fun. So after an awesome dinner at Lee Industries, we made our way to the main event back over in the middle of market. 80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield! Still looking and sounding good after all these years.

Gotta run, get ready and head out the hotel door for day three. Today we’ll spend the entire day inside the “big building”. Lots of vendors to see, so as always, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see our favorite pics of the market.

High Point- Day One Wrap Up

We arrived in High Point, NC yesterday for the International Furniture Market and hit the ground running.

We stopped by our favorite lighting showroom to see what’s new and look at a few details for some clients.

We’re not sure why, but we were both lovin’ this print of a target.

Your Scouts are always on the lookout for what’s cool and new out there. We found Chris Bruning and Groovy Stuff. These peace signs are made from old barrels. Loved his line!

Of course we had to get ourselves a little treat. A Glenda Gies handbag should do the trick.

Well, it’s time to get ready and get out there again. Day two and all it’s treasures awaits us. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter to get up to the minute peeks at what we’re seeing and doing.

Heroes Often Go Unsung

We sell some great frames at the store and one of the things we like to do is to replace the cheesy fillers the manufacturer includes and pop in something unique. Sometimes we like to have fun with it, like the time we put Sue Sylvester portraits in all the frames; sometimes we create our own art, and other times we use actual family photos of ours. Right now at Vintage Scout, you’ll find some really cool pictures in memory of an amazing man.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hookassian family as they remember the life of a very special man, Vahan Hookassian.

“I’ve learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures will never replace having been there, memories forget the hard times, words can never replace feelings, and heroes often go unsung.”

A Pallet, One Glove, & Our Vision

Debbie’s take – It all started with a wall that was begging for just a little bit more.  And a landscape delivery.  The boys were going to haul the pallet away, but master photographer, Tricia had a different plan; a vision to take it far beyond its utilitarian means and turn it into a work of ART!

Tricia’s take – Little did ROCKSTAR designer, Debbie Basnett realize that my vision would require her to discover and rely on her inner handyman?  Let there be no denying that there were moments of doubt when her talents couldn’t bail her out of her own panic once the drill bit was stuck in the pallet wood.

Debbie’s take – I WAS NOT GIVING UP…Tricia called her OWN handyman, and I resorted to GOOGLING “how to change a RYOBI drill bit”…neither helped, so last resort, 911 call to my own MacGyver hubby.  I have absolutely no idea what he said, but the only thing I heard was “WEAR THE GLOVE”…OMG, IT WORKED!!!

 Our Dream – BUCKLE UP, Pinterest…there’s NO stopping us now!

What’s New In The Store

Hi everyone. I got back from Chicago last night after a fun whirlwind of a trip. I opened the store this morning and what a treat! We got some new things in while I was gone. Check it out:

We’ve had vintage jewelry before, but this is our first venture into something new. These fun sealife-themed cuff bracelets are perfect for summer. Pastel pink, green, and blue, there are six different styles. They are only $13.50, so you can get one of each color.

Here’s a great way to infuse some color into your home- these mosaic chevron frames are fresh! They hold a 4×6 photo and are only $28. Available in blue, orange, red, and green. In the background you can see the new yarn vases. The matte porcelain finish perfectly shows off any springtime bloom you cut and bring into your home. Those come in three different sizes ranging in price from $12.50 – $21.50

Ooooh la la, I LOVE these gold urchins! Fun just to set on a coffee table or bookshelf, or they can be hung on the wall. Group a bunch of them together for a unique wall sculpture. Small, medium, and large available and the price is great: $22, $25, $35, respectively.

Vintage Scout is your go-to store for good frames. We’ve got a couple of styles of this unique equestrian style frame. Fits a 4×6 snapshot and is priced at $32.

Stop in soon, these goodies are sure to go quickly. We’re getting new stuff almost every week, so if you haven’t made a recent visit to Vintage Scout, you’ll want to see what’s new. We’ll try to get these things listed in our online store as well, so those of you outside the Dayton area can get the Scout look too. If you see something we don’t have in the online store, give us a call 937.312.9461 or email and we can certainly ship it to you.

Goods Made Good

Do you remember us telling you about Goods Made Good? It is a worthy project of Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin offering life skills training and employment to those who need a helping hand. In a nutshell, the company takes unsold clothing from the Goodwill store, and employs people to cut and sew them into patchwork fabric. Who doesn’t love a men’s wool suit? Now you can love one made into a fashionable pillow. And…

-Do something good for the earth, because all articles are made from recycled clothing that otherwise could not be sold. Even the scraps are used.

-Do something good for the maker; all items are made here in the good ole USA

-You’ve heard of karma? Well, this is good karma. This is a community based program helping those who need it.

We’ve got some pillows here at Vintage Scout. The wool suiting ones are the perfect toss-on-your-sofa for these cold winter days. All styles vary slightly due to the nature of the concept. Each piece is unique, resulting in a piece of art. Zipper enclosures and feather/down inserts. We can also order fabric by the yard for your projects. Call or email us for more information or click the link above to our shop and have one sent to you today.

Scott Antique Market

I was so excited to find out that the Home Furnishings Market here in Atlanta would coincide with a Scott’s weekend. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Scott’s, held every 2nd weekend of the month, is one of the best flea markets in the country. A great designers resource. Last time I was here I saw Paula Deen. (No, I didn’t get a photo. I just smiled at her with that “I’m polite and I’m just gonna let you shop” look; even though I was desperately wanting to know what she was buying and become her best friend and go eat some butter with her. Sorry, I digress…) But I won’t make you all feel that way. Here’s a little look at some of the things I saw and am bringing back to Vintage Scout.

The first thing I saw when I walked up was this wonderful vintage poster from the Paris store, Deyrolle. Deyrolle is THE place for taxidermy and curiosities. Shout out to Fifi, this is specially for you; as I know that is one of your favorite places. It was framed very well, but I passed on it.

There was nothing old about these tables, but I really was drawn to this one. The base is that wrought metal with a rusty finish that you tend to see in garden ornaments. I’d probably paint it or gold leaf it. The top was a beautiful honed & filled limestone. Coffee tables are not very conducive to having in the shop, but I more than likely would have made an exception for this one. Alas, the vendor was gone from his booth and the guy manning it didn’t know the price. Oh well…

I turned a corner and there was this pouting little boy staring up at me. Oh my gosh, he looks like someone just took his favorite toy away. What a face! They always have wonderful vintage paintings at Scott’s. But I had just bought three new pieces of artwork for the store yesterday, so I knew we wouldn’t have wall space for Precious. So instead I bought a vintage Little Lord Fauntleroy book along with some others. Every home should have old books, don’t you agree?

If this pair of vintage Italian plaster mirrors doesn’t go to a client (hanging over matching nightstands) they’ll come back for sale in the store. Gorgeous, right?

It’s well known I love taxidermy. So you know I had to get a shot of this cougar just chillaxin on the sofa. No chance of it coming back to Dayton. It’s also a well known fact that Dana doesn’t love taxidermy as much as I do.

There was a lot of painted furniture. We often like to find our own pieces and then have them painted. However, our painter moved away, our shop is empty, and I have to say, this particular vendor did a great job, so I bought this piece already painted. It’s a smallish three drawer chest with a pull out shelf. The little tray detail along the top back and sides is great. This is a piece that would fit a multitude of places in a home. And if you are in the Dayton area and happen to know someone who would be willing to paint and fix up furniture for us for a REASONABLE fee, give us a call.

All in all it was a successful trip. Please contact us if you’d like information on any of the items seen here. Several other little gems will be making their way back to Vintage Scout as well. Stop by next week to see what we have or check the shop here on our site.


Atlanta Market

Hi y’all! I’m doing a quick breeze through the Atlanta Home Furnishings Market.


Picking out a few things for the store and finding some goodies for clients. Here’s a little sneak peek of what was out there today.

I love this lamp. Yes, I love lamp. Does anyone else out there feel the same?

What an amazing pattern on this oversized chest. Its 55″ wide and 48″ tall. A statement piece if you have a home for it.

Lots of bling and sparkle. Ooh la la

I’ve got the perfect placement for this bench in mind. Now I’ve just got to make it happen.

There’s more to come, but for now I’ve got to lay my little head down to rest because tomorrow’s another big day. You see it’s off to Scott Antique Market to scout for more treasures. If you see something here you’re interested in, give us a call 937.312.9461 or email for more information. And be sure to visit our website and shop at

PS: Blogging for the first time from my new ipad. Playing with instagram, too. So forgive any boo boos and if you have any helpful hints for me, feel free to leave them in the comments.