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High Point Wrap Up

Wow, where does the time go? We’ve been so busy here at Vintage Scout, that it’s been almost a month already since we attended the High Point Furniture Market. Sarah and I came back inspired by all the wonderful new things we saw. Let me share a little of it with you.Bowl

Brass is back whether you want to believe it or not. I love it! It’s not the tacky brass you’re remembering from cheap hardware and light fixtures. Lee_Dining_Chair

The details on this Lee dining chair are fabulous.Lee-Stools

And these fur & lucite stools? GAH!!!!!!Loop-Stools

More stool cuteness.Mitchell-Black

I fell in love with Mitchell Black and their modern way of displaying art. Stanley

Stanley’s new collection inspired by midcentury modern is fantastic! You’ll see brass again here in the desk base.Vanguard-Stool

It was our first time visiting the Vanguard showroom and we were not disappointed.Wearstler-Vis-Comf

If you follow along on Instagram you saw we met Kelly Wearstler. She was at market promoting her new line of lighting and it is amazing! It will be available next summer, and yes, you see brass again.

There was so much more! I always feel like attending market is so important as a designer. It keeps our interiors fresh and evolving. It is motivating and inspiring. It is so important to know what resources are available as each client’s style and taste is different. If you’d like to update your space with the newest and coolest, give us a call- we’d love in inject your home with some of what we saw and experienced.

Think Pink

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since High Point market and I haven’t even filled you in on what I took away as incoming trends. The consensus among designers was that it was a really good market. I think the reason is that there was color, color, and more color! After several seasons of “gray being the new black”, I know I for one, am excited to see some bright yet approachable colors in the next few seasons. The color that really stood out for me in all elements was PINK.

Pillows, walls, rugs, lighting, accessories, artwork and more!

So what are your thoughts on pink? Would you go for a pink wall covering in a room other than a girls’ room? I think pink can be very sophisticated and flattering when the right tone is used and in the right context. If you think you want to go pink, give me a call. I’d love to find the right place for it in your home.

Springfield Sadness

This morning I got up early and headed to the Springfield Extravaganza.For those of you not familiar, the Extravaganza is held twice a year on fairgrounds between Dayton and Columbus. It’s a really good flea market/antique show.

Only this time, I was a little sad. We usually head to the September show to do some last minute stocking for our big French French Flea Market. This year would have been our 6th.

You see, we’re not shopping for the brick & mortar store at the moment. If you haven’t heard, Dana is moving to Nashville where her husband relocated with his job. And I’ve come to the realization that I can’t run the store and the design studio by myself. So we’ve come to the very difficult decision to close the retail store here in Dayton, at least for the time being. It took us awhile to even be able to say it out loud or tell anyone. But we’re moving forward with a “change is a good thing, positive attitude”.

Next on our agenda is moving the studio to the new downtown Dayton location in the Front Street Buildings. And we’ll be having a big Bon Voyage sale in a few weeks so stay tuned. The website store remains open and hopefully will expand. In the meantime, we’ll keep Scouting, because that’s what we love to do. I’m sure the sadness will turn back into the giddiness we feel when we load our “wheelie dealie” into the car at the crack of dawn and head out looking for those vintage treasures. In the meantime, the interior design studio is running full force so give us a call, and be sure to let us know if you’ve got your eye out for something special…

Current Design Crush- Milo Baughman

The past month at Vintage Scout has been wonderful. We have been blessed with new clients calling, store customers turning into design clients, and clients we’ve worked with before calling again. One of those clients has us working on a dining room and office makeover. I have this vision in my head (you designers know how that is), so I began looking at 1stdibs for dining tables and chairs. I had a Milo Baughman chair in mind, but oh, how I found so much more Milo!

I didn’t include what I found for that client; you’ll just have to stay tuned to see that.

Do you have a favorite Milo Baughman piece? Or who’s your current design crush? If you’d like to place a classic piece of furniture like one of these in your home, but need help making it work with your design aesthetic, give Vintage Scout a call. It’s our specialty blending modern with traditional and tossing in the unique.

Traditional Kettering Home

I hope you have seen the special publication of Romantic Home Magazine called Bedrooms and Baths that features a bathroom renovation by Vintage Scout Interiors. We were so fortunate to work with that homeowner on most of the rest of her home as well.

Today we thought we’d share the living/dining space with you.

The client had wonderful things to work with. We worked with the existing draperies, but lightened up the living space with a warm gray color. The only new furniture we had to purchase was a linen sofa and leather ottoman.

The large open living space with high ceilings proved to be a challenge when arranging furniture. We created two separate seating areas.The client already had the beautiful rosewood dining set. We freshened it with new cushions and added a modern crystal table lamp to complement the amazing Waterford chandy.

Stay tuned for more from this beautiful home including a white kitchen to-die-for! For more information on Vintage Scout and our services email us at

Rachel’s Visit to Carnegie

Our intern, Rachel, recently took a quick weekend jaunt to Pittsburgh to attend a wedding. She came back raving about the museums she got to explore, so I asked her to share her excitement with you- via blog.

When you find yourself in Pittsburgh, PA you will to have to allocate some time to stop by the Carnegie Museum of Art.  Its. that. good. (especially if you are a furniture lover like me).  When I read online that their furniture selection was taken out of storage in 2009 after being packed up for a decade, I was eager to hit the road, get my ticket, and get into that gallery!

Standing in a corner of chair heaven.

The wall of chairs that greeted us was breathtaking.  Is it weird that I would be completely okay with this in my own home? Probably, but I am a chair girl all the way. I find the many different styles on display inspiring.

This funky metal chair peaked the interest of Christopher. He might approve of a wall of chairs in our home as long as they were all made of metal.

The anodized aluminum of this frame makes me swoon.  Can’t you see this in your home with a great animal print rug underneath? Dreamy.

Gazelle Lounge Chair – Dan Johnson

Although chairs are my favorite, how could you not go gaga over this chest of drawers? What a fantastic way to repurpose worn out chests and capture a bit of furniture history. Each drawer is a different style which I find thought provoking. What would you store in there?  I’m thinking this would be the perfect place to stash board games or Christmas tree ornaments.

You Cant Lay Down Your Memories – Tejo Remy

BONUS I was literally jumping up and down with excitement when I realized that admission also included access to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Talk about natural beauties; the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems is stunning.  The museum also claims to have more real fossils than any other museum, so if you love dinosaurs as much as you love design you are in for a treat!

Gorgeous Minerals and Gems

Next trip we are going to have to stop by the other two Carnegie Museums, the Carnegie Science Center and Andy Warhol Museum. Have you ever been? What did you think?

Monday’s Furniture Crush

For this Monday’s Furniture Crush we knew we wanted to share a High Point find, but it was tough narrowing it down; we saw so many wonderful things. So we decided to bring you some of the unique things we found that we haven’t seen floating around out there amongst all the market photos.

If you must have a foosball table in your home, why not make it a piece of furniture? We had to practically fight off the guys playing it to get a photo.

Screen printed upholstered headboard, trimmed out with furniture webbing. Genius and gorgeous! This company also had huge floor pillows; all offered with a variety of images.20121022-114623.jpg

Bright colored metal furniture is virtually indestructible. Perfect for kids rooms.20121022-114713.jpgAs always, if you are interested in any of the pieces we’ve shown, contact us at . Vintage Scout Interiors is your resource for innovative designs, unique finds and one of a kind pieces.

Highlights of Scout Day Two At Market

Day two here in High Point was filled with just as many if not more amazing finds as day one.
We started our morning at perpetual favorite, Design Legacy. Always inspiring. Always clever.

Next, we thought we’d check out a new upholstery line and really happy we did. CR Laine has so many wonderful fabrics paired with great frames. These are just a few that we loved.

We thought this vendor had a great color story.

How did the HPMkt Style Spotters miss these? Infatuated with these acrylic pieces from Four Hands. Not the least expensive things we saw, but wow, what a statement.

And then you know, the Scouts are always gonna have a little bit of fun. So after an awesome dinner at Lee Industries, we made our way to the main event back over in the middle of market. 80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield! Still looking and sounding good after all these years.

Gotta run, get ready and head out the hotel door for day three. Today we’ll spend the entire day inside the “big building”. Lots of vendors to see, so as always, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see our favorite pics of the market.

Monday’s Furniture Crush

We’ve been posting about a love affair on our Facebook page. Get your mind out of the gutter; it’s the sheer adoration we have for furniture. And why not, we’re designers. Each Monday we’ve desperately been trying to remember to present you our “Furniture Crush” of the moment. Today it occurred to my brilliant mind, I should post it to our blog as well. Why keep all the goodies for our FB fans? (Although if you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, you are missing out- what are you waiting for?) So without further ado, Vintage Scout brings you:

Monday’s Furniture Crush

The Julius Bench, 60″ wide, available through Vintage Scout Interiors

Email for more information. Enjoy and stay tuned each week for more incredible furniture.

Gettin’ Thrifty

I think you might remember us introducing you to Rachel and telling you she is a master thrifter. So with her around, and two college apartments to furnish, my interest in thrift shops and secondhand stores has been renewed. Now not that I’ve never been too proud to pick up something on the side of the road. Take for instance this little chest of drawers I found on a country road. It will be a great nightstand for Hayley. Should we keep it white or give it a pop of color?I’m seeing a trend here, but these are a pair of lamp tables I scored at a Goodwill outside Chicago a couple years ago. At $10 each, I couldn’t pass these babies up. Someday, the perfect spot for them will arise. Until then, they stay safely nestled in my garage and will continue to be a source of complaint for hubs. Doesn’t he get it?So after a less than successful day at the flea markets last weekend, Rachel suggests she initiate me to the Goodwill Outlet. Who knew Goodwill had an outlet? Have you ever been to one? Seriously… it’s a trip. Things are sold by the pound and there is a lot of junk to sift through. But voila, I found something. This wonderful bunch of Sheffield table knives. They will be perfect for the cabin. You definitely must be in the mood to dig through some “stuff” if you attempt the Goodwill Outlet. It’s not for the weak of heart.

Occasionally you’ll find some “buried treasure” at the thrift store. I’m not a big brass candlestick girl, but these caught my eye. I picked one up and it was heavy, so for $2.99 each, I decided to take a chance. They are cleaning up nicely and lo and behold, I think they are candlesticks made to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.

Back to furnishing college apartments, after checking out Craigslist, I found this set listed at a secondhand store.Its a nice solid Drexel table and chairs. We’re going to tackle the painting today- keep your fingers crossed. Darling daughter wants it blue. Look for pictures via my Twitter @ScoutDeb

We get lots of questions about buying secondhand whether such & such is a good deal or not. Unless you are in it for resale, the key is to buy what you like and what you need and let that indicate if your money will be well spent. So, tell us, what’s the best thing you’ve ever found at a flea market, thrift store, or side of the road?