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Monday’s Furniture Crush- Bamboo

This Monday folks, we’re crushin’ on BAMBOO. New, old, we don’t care; we just want some.

We are waiting on this little beauty to get to the store. It will have a hand rubbed black finish.

The Victorians were lovers of bamboo furniture also. I do believe Victorian bamboo is my favorite. They make great occasional pieces.

Ficks Reed of Cincinnati is a well known maker of bamboo furniture. This vintage set I found on ebay is super cool. Fourteen pieces in all. Clean these up, update the fabric and bam!

Besides ebay, another great source for vintage bamboo pieces is Circa Who, a shop in West Palm Beach. They have a great inventory in their online store. This casual metal dining set would be perfect in a breakfast room or even out on a small patio.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most versatile plants in the world. Writing this, so many things came to mind, like, did you know bamboo is 99% of the panda’s diet? We eat bamboo too, in our Chinese food. Bamboo flooring is becoming increasing popular and everyone loves a classic bamboo shade. Bamboo sheets are very soft. And bamboo is used for fishing rods and musical instruments. Ancient paper was made from bamboo.

So not only did we share today’s furniture crush with you, but maybe you picked up a fun fact to know and tell, and who knows, maybe that panda thing will be the answer to Thursday night’s trivia question.

Scott Antique Market

I was so excited to find out that the Home Furnishings Market here in Atlanta would coincide with a Scott’s weekend. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Scott’s, held every 2nd weekend of the month, is one of the best flea markets in the country. A great designers resource. Last time I was here I saw Paula Deen. (No, I didn’t get a photo. I just smiled at her with that “I’m polite and I’m just gonna let you shop” look; even though I was desperately wanting to know what she was buying and become her best friend and go eat some butter with her. Sorry, I digress…) But I won’t make you all feel that way. Here’s a little look at some of the things I saw and am bringing back to Vintage Scout.

The first thing I saw when I walked up was this wonderful vintage poster from the Paris store, Deyrolle. Deyrolle is THE place for taxidermy and curiosities. Shout out to Fifi, this is specially for you; as I know that is one of your favorite places. It was framed very well, but I passed on it.

There was nothing old about these tables, but I really was drawn to this one. The base is that wrought metal with a rusty finish that you tend to see in garden ornaments. I’d probably paint it or gold leaf it. The top was a beautiful honed & filled limestone. Coffee tables are not very conducive to having in the shop, but I more than likely would have made an exception for this one. Alas, the vendor was gone from his booth and the guy manning it didn’t know the price. Oh well…

I turned a corner and there was this pouting little boy staring up at me. Oh my gosh, he looks like someone just took his favorite toy away. What a face! They always have wonderful vintage paintings at Scott’s. But I had just bought three new pieces of artwork for the store yesterday, so I knew we wouldn’t have wall space for Precious. So instead I bought a vintage Little Lord Fauntleroy book along with some others. Every home should have old books, don’t you agree?

If this pair of vintage Italian plaster mirrors doesn’t go to a client (hanging over matching nightstands) they’ll come back for sale in the store. Gorgeous, right?

It’s well known I love taxidermy. So you know I had to get a shot of this cougar just chillaxin on the sofa. No chance of it coming back to Dayton. It’s also a well known fact that Dana doesn’t love taxidermy as much as I do.

There was a lot of painted furniture. We often like to find our own pieces and then have them painted. However, our painter moved away, our shop is empty, and I have to say, this particular vendor did a great job, so I bought this piece already painted. It’s a smallish three drawer chest with a pull out shelf. The little tray detail along the top back and sides is great. This is a piece that would fit a multitude of places in a home. And if you are in the Dayton area and happen to know someone who would be willing to paint and fix up furniture for us for a REASONABLE fee, give us a call.

All in all it was a successful trip. Please contact us if you’d like information on any of the items seen here. Several other little gems will be making their way back to Vintage Scout as well. Stop by next week to see what we have or check the shop here on our site.


Our Favorite Market Finds- Day One

Woo Hoo, We’re at High Point this week, home of the largest home furnishings market. Wanted to share some of the fun things we’ve seen so far.

We love this stone table in the foreground of this picture. Indoors or out. In the background is a large basket with French stenciling. It would be a great laundry hamper. Think we’ll be bringing these back to the shop.

Pretty sure you know about our infatuation with Jonathan Adler. Sink your teeth into this shark. Every week can be Shark Week if you had this.

We saw lots of green. And not wimpy green; good green. Like the color of life green. We might be spending some green on some green.

Here’s Dana signing our life away on our new pillow line. Seriously, you will love these linen pillows and poofs. You can design your own with different colors of linen, trim and personalize with a monogram.

There was a chorus of angels singing when I saw this fixture. I believe it may be going over an island in a cabin. True Love!


We both immediately thought of Fifi when we saw this moss installation at Natural Curiosites. One of our favorite vendors we saw yesterday.






Finally, after dinner and drinks at our upholstery vendor, Lee, we headed back to catch our shuttle to the hotel. An oldie but goodie was playing at the concert series, so we got to hear Starship (sans Grace Slick- so does that really count?) They sounded good and we jammed to some “Find Your Way Back” before actually finding our way back to our hotel and collapsing for the night. Stay tuned for more of the Vintage Scout Market Experience.

Interior Envy- SATC2

I know I am behind the curve, but I just saw Sex and the City 2 last night. I am spoiled with a comfortable home theater in my lower level, so I infrequently go to the movies; I just wait for them to come out on demand. There’s nothing like snuggling up with a nice glass of wine and some dark chocolate to watch a movie, not to mention my husband can make some good popcorn with REAL butter- sorry Rave Theaters, you can’t compete. Anyway, like I said, I just saw SATC2, and wow, I have interior envy! I just could not keep my eyes off the wonderful sets, even with all those fabulous clothes. Perhaps Carrie said it best, “I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture.”Before we get to the juicy stuff, let’s just touch on Charlotte’s kitchen. We didn’t get to see much of anyone’s apartments besides Carrie and Big’s, but this kitchen was so amazing. I wish there would have been some more still shots of it. The gray and white floor is wonderful, more subtle than black and white checker, yet still classic- so Charlotte. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with white in your kitchen and this set proves it with all white cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. Carrie and Big’s apartment. Can you hear the angels singing? Love! The round entry hall library and the absolutely stunning custom light fixture (it’s only like $15,000- pocket change) make me want to come home and put my mail and keys on that table.This living room is the perfect combo of structure and comfy. After all, Big puts his shoes on the sofa (it’s a sofa, Carrie, not a couch. I don’t like the word “couch”. That implies overstuffed cheap pleather to me). I read the chairs are vintage from Bergdorfs. The tray coffee table is super cool and she’s got foo dogs. The Scouts love foo dogs. The one thing I don’t love in this room though is the rug- the pink seems out of place. I think I know where the designer was going with it, but it didn’t quite get there for me.

Hello to-die-for blue felt ottoman by Anne Kyyro! See the details here.
The backlit built-ins in the dining room are nothing short of spectacular. I love that they’re not styled for a dining room. The chair shape is not my favorite, but that fabric… how do you spell the kissing noise?
Probably the only thing I really disliked in their apartment was the kitchen tile backsplash. It felt like it was out of place, and for me that’s saying a lot. I get eclecticity, trust me, but this wasn’t working. I might have tried something slightly smaller scale and maybe a metallic.What can I say about this headboard? It is glorious! So cleverly paired with the Cole and Son wallpaper. Let me design a bed like this for you.I love the draperies in their bedroom. They remind me that I want to put sheers in my living room. The tassel fringe on the panels is perfect detail. And the Scouts have always been enamored with that Hickory Chair secretary. I almost cringed when Big put the TV in it.Before we get to the real eye candy, can I just say, Miranda was never my favorite of the girls, but the dress she wore to the wedding was… I’m out of adjectives, so I’ll repeat some of them: to-die-for, amazing, stunning. Me want!You know I would be remiss not to mention what we all know was the real reason to see the movie: Carrie’s closet. I thought it was so sweet that it was really like two closets in one and that Big’s half was different from Carrie’s. They’re even lit differently. And I love that Carrie’s stuff has spilled over to Big’s side. This must be what closets are like in heaven.

Mucho credit to Lydia Marks who created these mouth watering sets for Sex and the City 2. You made my night!

Western Springs Living Room

For awhile now, I’ve mentioned on and off about working on my sister’s living room. Her home is in the Chicago ‘burbs and by chance I have a dear friend from high school who lives there as well and just happens to be an amazing photographer- Tricia from TriciaLee Photography. Score! A chance to have the first professional photos done of one of my spaces. So now is the time I get to share them with you, along with some insight on one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever worked on.
The room started out with a mish-mash of furniture from a partial overhaul a few years ago on a tight budget. Toss in an antique Duncan Phyfe sofa (can you say uncomfortable?), a giant television armoire, and some dark walls and you had a room screaming for mercy.
The job began with my sister making a quick trip to my studio in Dayton for some preliminary planning and scouting, and before we knew it, she had decided to take the plunge on a real statement piece- an amazing indigo sofa/chaise sectional. From there I was lucky and privileged enough to have them say, “We just want you to do it.” Sometimes those can be a designer’s favorite words, and sometimes they can be a nightmare. Thankfully, with my sister, they were an honor and she really meant it. I had pretty much full reign to do whatever I wanted. Of course being a professional, I took the wants and needs of the client first and foremost. Comfortable seating, privacy, and their three animals all were big factors, as well as I knew they wanted to lighten it up and have a fun, casual space.

First things first; my brother-in-law wanted a wall mounted television. I told him to shop for it first and we’d work around it- boys will be boys you know. I didn’t have to work hard to sell him on the idea of a vintage piece to house the A/V equipment. Our original idea was to use an old radio/turntable console, but after striking out there a few times, we headed over to one of my favorite shops, White Attic in Andersonville. Bingo! We found the perfect-sized mid century credenza and quickly brought it home with us.

Back to that statement piece- the sofa. We chose a substantial well-made custom sofa, although the scale of the piece doesn’t read oversized. The fabric is Crypton™ microfiber, able to withstand Dave and the animals; and bonus- it was reasonably priced. The pillows are a mix of custom (sticker shock for my sister), TJ Maxx bargains, and vintage needlework.

The only existing piece we used in the space was the leather club chair. It had just started getting to that wonderful aged leather point and I didn’t want to toss it. Instead we updated it with the sheepskin ottoman and the darling throw.

We lightened up the room by using Ballet White by Ben Moore on the walls and using a bright and fun thomaspaul fabric for the window panels. The inside mount roman shades provide privacy without darkening the room. The zig zag rug from West Elm grounds the room without being too dark; it’s probably one of my favorite things in the space.

And finally, no outfit is complete without jewelry, and that’s how I look at the accessories of a room. An original oil hangs over the fireplace flanked by inexpensive glass pieces. The subway art is original as well- no reproductions here- they’re from New York probably dating to the 30’s. Vintage miniature bowling pins are such a fun addition to the large coffee table. My sister found them years ago at Sandwich Flea Market. The fresh flowers are from her back yard, quickly picked that morning right before the shoot. Nice, huh?

The finished product is something that they are very happy with and I’m proud of, as well as a little jealous, too. It’s true what they say about the cobbler’s children: they’re the ones without shoes. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone; my living room is unfinished.

photo credits: 1,3-7: TriciaLee Photography; 2: designer’s own