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Longing for Summer

What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

Well, John Steinbeck was not from Ohio, that’s for certain. Being born on the summer solstice wasn’t wasted on me, that’s for certain- I’m a warm weather girl! Blowing snow and below zero temperatures have me longing for all things summer.

Sometimes creative people just need to create for no reason other than the joy of it. That’s what happens when I get together with my good friend and photographer Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography. We both happened to be in Chicago at the same time this summer so we came up with this little garden photoshoot. Enjoy and I hope it warms you up a bit!

Yes, those are homegrown from my sister’s garden.I think Zip is missing summer too! Stay warm and safe out there.


All photography by Tricialee Photography, Creative by Debbie Basnett, Vintage Scout Interiors

My Christmas Confession

I have a confession to make. I don’t have my shit together. Pardon my French, but it’s true. There is no time like Christmas to make one realize this. I can come up with a million excuses, but it all boils down to priorities and crappy time management.

This is my mantle. No, I haven’t already taken my garland down. This is what it looked like on Christmas Eve when we had company for dinner. No, I am not Jewish. Showing you this picture makes me feel like most people feel posting a picture of themselves with no makeup. It was the first year I didn’t decorate my mantle. Guess what? Santa came anyway.

This is my Christmas tree. It IS still up. I’m surprised it even got put up. The only reason it got decorated was because I paid someone to do it. Seriously.

This is our Christmas card. Despite my good intentions and actually getting my part done on time; they are still not mailed. Because they are not back from the printers. Yep, I made a bad choice on that one.

Yes, I was wrapping gifts on Christmas morning. I have no wreath on my front door or lights in my trees. And God forbid the cute ideas I pinned on my Pinterest board to do this year. I’ll say it again: Christmas showed up on the 25th just like it does every year.

I write this not for your pity, but just in case there are others like me out there. You are not alone. We could have a support group. And wine does help. However, if there are no others, then can someone just put me out of my misery now. Before I start pinning new ideas for next Christmas.

Here’s to good intentions in 2014! Debbie

Let’s Talk Turkey

If I mention Turkey art, is this what pops into your mind?

Well, think again. There is some fine art out there featuring what we normally think of as our Thanksgiving meal.Monet’s beautiful work, The Turkeys, Chateau Rottembourg, Montgeron

Wenzal’s Portrait of a Turkey. A very handsome gentleman, wouldn’t you say?

Audubon is a classic when it comes to artwork featuring wild birds. Or perhaps something a little out of the ordinary. Etsy is a favorite source of mine for art. This illustration is by The North Country Girl

Would you hang turkey art in your home?

I wish you all a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving

TCB down in the ATL

The last 10 days has been a big blur as I jam-packed a ton of things into my trip down to Georgia. A week ago Friday we drove straight to Athens for UGA Homecoming and AXO Parents’ Weekend.

I had the privilege of graduating from Georgia many moons ago and it’s so fun coming back to campus to visit my baby who, I can’t believe it, is a junior. Where does time go?

From there we headed up to Kennesaw for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday. You would never guess he was 80. On his big day (which btw was Veterans’ Day; very fitting since he is a retired Brigadier General) he wanted to golf, water ski and play tennis, all on his birthday. Water skiing in November?

Let me assure you I was the only sane one who did not get in the water. Here are the Basnett boys “warming up” with a little bourbon.

Next on the agenda was The Business of Design Conference. If you are an interior designer and you are not familiar with Kimberley Seldon and Business of Design, I suggest you check it out. I was lucky enough to attend these three priceless days of working on my business with the lovely ladies of Kandrac & Kole.

I am thrilled and a bit overwhelmed at the same time to implement the incredible things I took away from this group. Kimberley’s no-nonsense attitude toward the business side of the business was just what I needed. I came away invigorated and motivated to improve my business model not only for me, but more for my clients. Look for exciting changes at Vintage Scout!

I finally headed back up I75 to Ohio Saturday. Thank goodness for XM radio; I was able to listen to college football the whole drive. So to close out the weekend, hubby and I worked on getting the walls up to create a storage area at the loft.

I still have to paint them, but it will let me finish getting things put away down at Front Street. And yep, that’s a big mess.

Well, I guess that catches you up with me. I’m off to chill out and slow my mind down with a glass of wine and watch some Homeland. Do any of you watch that? We are kind of addicted to a lot of the Showtime series. Let me know if there’s any you might recommend. Maybe we could have a support group.

Have a great Monday! Debbie


Summer Store Hours


Beginning July 1st and running through August, Vintage Scout summer hours take effect. We will be opening the store by chance or by appointment. What this means is, yes, we’ll still be running the design studio full time, but you might not always catch us in the shop. We’ve been blessed by so many of you asking us for our interior design services, that this summer when the retail traffic is a little slower, we thought we might try something different in order to give us a little more flexibility to serve you better in this aspect.

How it affects you stopping in to pick up your favorite Scout goodies: a) we’ll update our Facebook page daily when you can find us at the shop. b) call ahead or email to find out if we’re there or even set up a time to stop in. c) take advantage of our online store and have your purchases shipped to your door. d) take a chance and swing into the studio; we’ll possibly be there. Doing full service interior design requires us to be there a chunk of time, so you’ve got a decent chance to catch us at the store.

Thank you for your understanding as Vintage Scout grows and moves forward. Happy Summer!

Fondly, Dana & Debbie

Holiday Gift Ideas

We’ve got your last minute gifts here at Vintage Scout!

1. “Be Good and If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful” metal sign from Sugarboo Designs. $50

2. Gold Urchin Metal Art. $22 – $35

3. Delirium Candles. $38

4. Mik Wright Coasters. $3.75 each

5. White Mod Frame. $30

6. Social Light Refillable Lighter. $36

Remember us for the BEST hostess gifts as well as unique gifts for the special ones on your list.

Colorful Bracelets at Vintage Scout

We’re excited at Vintage Scout because we just got these fun handmade bracelets. They’re very colorful and the eclectic mix makes them perfect to layer. Beads are made from wood, Tagua Nut, Sandblasted Black Onyx, River Stone, Dyed Jade, and Turquoise. Embellished with Ceramic Skulls, Crosses, and Turtles. Priced right at only $24 each, they would make a great gift or jazz up your own holiday outfit. And they are made right here in the good ole US of A. Swing by the store for the best selection and go ahead and finish up your Christmas shopping.

Vintage Scout’s Ode to Sunshine aka: our Playlist

Our own “Ode to Sunshine”, commonly known as the Vintage Scout playlist

  • Like A Star– Corinne Bailey Rae
  • Turning Tables– Adele
  • New Soul– Yael Naim
  • Ho Hey– The Lumineers
  • Hospital Beds– Cold War Kids
  • Intro– The Xx (actually anything by them)
  • Last Night– The Strokes
  • The Seed 2.0– The Roots
  • Hold On– Alabama Shakes
  • Thin Line– Honey Honey
  • Streetwalker– Delta Spirit
  • Daydream in Blue– I Monster
  • Shake It Out– Florence & The Machine
  • December– Nikki & Rich
  • Lights– Ellie Goulding
  • Mr. Bright Eyes– Rebecca Ferguson
  • New Slang– The Shins
  • Cold December– Matt Costa
  • Finally Moving– Pretty Lights
  • Some Boys– Dom
  • Come On & Move Me– Monarchs
  • Please Don’t Lead Me On– The Sheepdogs
  • Wild Horses– The Sundays
  • Broken– Lauren Hoffman

Because music is as much a part of your home as beautiful furnishings.


God Save The Queen

All this week we have been hearing about the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of England. As Americans, we are so intrigued by the British Monarchy and all things royal.

Even Google got in on the action.

Cute, huh? Love the corgis.

So Pantone teamed up with London ad agency, Leo Burnett, and released a color chart fit for a queen.

They call it the “Diamond Jubilee Color Guide” and it includes Pantone color references to some of the Queen’s outfits and includes the dates and events where she wore them.

Lots of pastels- the Queen almost always dresses monochromatically. Whatta think? Gotta have it? I’d call it the ultimate souvenir. Too bad they are not available for purchase. If any of you come across one, let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a colorful day!

Happy Holidays!

The Scouts are going to take a well deserved week away from the store between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. If you need to get in touch with us, please call the store at 937-312-9461 and leave a message or email us at We wish you and yours a very happy Holiday and we’ll see you in 2012!