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StonePeak Ceramics

FullSizeRender 7Last week the Scouts took a field tripĀ to Crossville, TN to visit the StonePeak Ceramics production facility.DSC_3433

We were hosted by StonePeak and our local tile distributor, Mees Distributors. The visit was informative and really interesting.

We saw the tile making process from start…IMG_7852DSC_3387 copyDSC_3450 copyTo finish:DSC_3473 copy

These extra large tiles are from their Plane series. They can be specified as large as 5′ x 10′ . Oh the possibilities!IMG_7928

They actually had a machine called the Atomizer. Reminds me of Marvin the Martian.

StonePeak bringsĀ the artistry of Italian tile making and manufacturers it here in the good ole USA. That means lead times are shorter and we actually know what is in the building material we are using, unlike many Chinese made tiles. And price points are great.

We were amazed to learn what a green company StonePeak is. From using recycled materials in their tile to their air cleaning standards, we were impressed how much this company cares.DSC_3390 copyYou know what else was a big surprise to all of us? The ready to ship material is stored outside. The amount of tile was staggering!IMG_7849We got a sneak peak of the new collections. Can’t wait to use this Zebrino somewhere.IMG_7862

We specified the Palazzo series in our Show House hall bathroom we recently completed.HallBathIt was a huge hit with everyone. Read about it here.

A big thank you to StonePeak and Mees for treating us to this opportunity!

Designer Insights on Terrys Fabrics

A few weeks ago I received a request to be featured on Terrys Fabrics blog. They have a section called “Designer Insights” and they have featured some fabulous designers, so I was super excited to be included in this group. The article went online today.

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics
One of the fun things was selecting my five picks for the season. It was harder than I thought! So take a look at the interview and a few of the things I’m digging right now. Then pop over to the Designer Insights section of Terrys Fabrics and see what other designers are coveting- it’s really inspiring. Thanks for featuring me!

Nothing Like An All White Kitchen

Its a kitchen design that will never go out of style- the all white kitchen.

This is actually the first project we did for one of our favorite clients. You’ve seen her bathroom on the blog and in Bedrooms and Baths magazine. We designed her bathroom with the same marble and cabinetry we used here in the kitchen.

Definitely a place you’d want to enjoy champagne and cookies.

If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation, give Vintage Scout a call. We’ve got a team of experienced and trusted designers and contractors who can create a beautiful space for you. We work with a range of budgets and styles; no two jobs are the same.

Gettin’ Healthy All Up In Here

We’ve been working some long hours here at Vintage Scout. And we are not complaining one bit! So we know we’ve got to take care of ourselves; trying to get the workout in, maybe a little yoga upstairs, and eating healthy most of the time. Rachel was telling me yesterday about a smoothie she has been drinking for breakfast called “The Green Monster”. This morning was the perfect morning for me to try it since I broke that cardinal rule of eating healthy last night by having brie & crackers avec wine for dinner. Dinner of Champions, right?

So here’s the Green Monster:

In your blender, start with 2 cups of spinach

Quite often we have bananas that we don’t eat before they go too ripe, so I break them up and freeze them. They’re perfect for smoothies that way. Add some banana to your blender. I used half, but Rachel adds a whole one.

Next, blueberries- the super food- half cup

Gotta get our omega-3s, so add 1 Tbsp flax oil. You could do the seeds instead if you wish.

Finally, a cup of almond milkAdd a few pieces of ice, blend it all up and voila!

The Green Monster.

I calculated about 250 calories and a lot of healthy ingredients! And lest you forget we’re interior designers, look how closely it resembles that Pantone color of the year, Emerald Green.

Try it yourself and let us know what you think. Put your own spin on it. And stay healthy out there.