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Summer Store Hours


Beginning July 1st and running through August, Vintage Scout summer hours take effect. We will be opening the store by chance or by appointment. What this means is, yes, we’ll still be running the design studio full time, but you might not always catch us in the shop. We’ve been blessed by so many of you asking us for our interior design services, that this summer when the retail traffic is a little slower, we thought we might try something different in order to give us a little more flexibility to serve you better in this aspect.

How it affects you stopping in to pick up your favorite Scout goodies: a) we’ll update our Facebook page daily when you can find us at the shop. b) call ahead or email to find out if we’re there or even set up a time to stop in. c) take advantage of our online store and have your purchases shipped to your door. d) take a chance and swing into the studio; we’ll possibly be there. Doing full service interior design requires us to be there a chunk of time, so you’ve got a decent chance to catch us at the store.

Thank you for your understanding as Vintage Scout grows and moves forward. Happy Summer!

Fondly, Dana & Debbie

What’s on your nightstand?


I am always seeing these beautiful staged photos of designers’ nightstands. Feelings of jealousy stirred in me as I awoke this morning to reach over for my cell phone to see what time it was as well as if any clients had texted me at unreasonable hours. How come my nightstand isn’t magazine ready and sporting fresh flowers? So I thought I’d share with you how at least some of us designers really live.

Excuse 1: Remember the story about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes? So it goes with the interior designer. When I get home, I just want to have dinner and a glass of wine and unwind with some TV.

Excuse 2: Designers have tough times making decisions for themselves. There might be something really cool at market… or I’m hitting an estate sale this weekend, let me see what I might find… or I can’t afford what I really want so I’m looking for something I can. Jeez, I need to hire a designer!

Excuse 3: There’s always gonna be an excuse until I just suck it up and make it happen. Soon, right?

So, here’s what’s on my nightstand:

The Lamp. I have this lamp because I can. I’m not sure it’s me style-wise, but it is all me. It was my Grandmother’s favorite lamp and then my Mom had it and she loved it too. It makes me happy and that’s what it’s all about.

Half-drank (or is it drunk?) glass of water. A girl gets thirsty in the night.

Generic brand of Aquaphor. I slather this stuff on my lips and cuticles every night. Generic because I’m saving up for that nightstand of my dreams.

Speaking of the nightstand; the table itself is a vintage bamboo piece I bought when we lived in England. I really do like it.

Room spray by Chi. Love the smell of this. It’s so relaxing to me and keeps stinky husband smells at bay. (Don’t pretend you married people don’t know what I’m talking about)

Lack of fresh flowers. The reason I have no fresh flowers or plants anywhere in my house is because I have Little Kitty. Little Kitty enjoys munching on plants and will knock over any container left on any surface to find out what’s in it.

Remote control. I told you, #howdesignersreallylive. I watch TV in bed. There, I said it.

That silver dish with a bunch of junk in it. The dish is worthy, it’s Nambe. The junk however may not be; glasses to see said television and a handful of earplugs. Don’t judge.

Yes, that’s a landline. I have this paranoia that my kids might have an emergency and my cell phone might be dead. Really you ask? There’s an iphone charger right there. Old habits die hard, don’t they.

Kids: my favorite photo of them. It captures their personalities as children so perfectly.

Paper and pen for any middle of the night brilliant ideas that inevitably come to mind and keep me awake at 3am.

Book. The Great Gatsby is on the table at the moment. However, I rarely pick up a real book. I always seem to reach for that giant stack of magazines you see stacked below the table.

The other miscellaneous you see below the table. A framed print that was also my Grandmother’s that I keep saying I’m going to find a place for, and a giant cut in the drywall that is left over from the porch addition work we had done. We figured we’d wait until we did the master bedroom to fix it. There’s that horrible circle come ’round again…

So I’ve come clean to you all. It’s a bit nervewracking putting this out there in blog land. Do you have the guts to share what’s really on your nightstand? Pop it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me @scoutdeb. And do not fear. If you call me to help you with your master bedroom, I promise that at least when I leave, your space will be magazine-worthy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!




Inspiration is everywhere. -Barry Dixon

This morning I decided I would take a little bit of time and get inspired by spending some time going back through my Barry Dixon book.

I had the good fortune to hear Barry speak while I was at Design Camp in Atlanta this past January. I’ll admit, it wasn’t the portion of the conference I was most looking forward to, but afterwards, it was my favorite! Meeting him afterwards for just a few moments, he has an uncanny knack of making you feel like you’ve been friends forever.So impressive to me- his attention to detail and how he uses this for inspiration.The fabric Barry designed for Vervain on the right was inspired by the hay bales on his farm. Cool, right?

But I think the real reason I loved hearing him speak was that he made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. How in the world could Barry Dixon legitimize me, you ask? A simple phrase about having not one, but two clients; one being the human client and the other being the house. Yes, houses speak to designers. They tell us what they want and what they need.

We’re like “house whisperers”.

So even though you probably will never see this blog; Barry Dixon, thank you for your inspiration in more ways than one. You prove my mantra that good things happen to good people.

What is inspiring you at the moment? Where do you go when you need that little jump start?

Nothing Like An All White Kitchen

Its a kitchen design that will never go out of style- the all white kitchen.

This is actually the first project we did for one of our favorite clients. You’ve seen her bathroom on the blog and in Bedrooms and Baths magazine. We designed her bathroom with the same marble and cabinetry we used here in the kitchen.

Definitely a place you’d want to enjoy champagne and cookies.

If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation, give Vintage Scout a call. We’ve got a team of experienced and trusted designers and contractors who can create a beautiful space for you. We work with a range of budgets and styles; no two jobs are the same.

Kerrie Brown Furnishings

We’ve got an exciting find from “Down Under”. Not even sure how we came across this loveliness, but somehow we did and we’re super glad. Our Kerrie Brown fabric arrived today!

We’re making two custom lampshades for a salon project. Because doesn’t that print scream “HAIR!”?Are you all familiar with Kerrie Brown?  From her website:

Renowned designer and Academy Award nominated set decorator Kerrie Brown has launched a dramatic soft furnishings collection.

Drawing from 25 years cinematic experience as a set decorator on acclaimed international productions, the KERRIE BROWN design studio has created a limited edition range of cushions, lamp shades, table ware and window blinds that mix a modern aesthetic, a luminous colour palette and Kerrie’s passion for the art and design of centuries passed. The result is a very original mix of whimsy, sophistication and fun.

Yeah, we might be in love.

Current Design Crush- Milo Baughman

The past month at Vintage Scout has been wonderful. We have been blessed with new clients calling, store customers turning into design clients, and clients we’ve worked with before calling again. One of those clients has us working on a dining room and office makeover. I have this vision in my head (you designers know how that is), so I began looking at 1stdibs for dining tables and chairs. I had a Milo Baughman chair in mind, but oh, how I found so much more Milo!

I didn’t include what I found for that client; you’ll just have to stay tuned to see that.

Do you have a favorite Milo Baughman piece? Or who’s your current design crush? If you’d like to place a classic piece of furniture like one of these in your home, but need help making it work with your design aesthetic, give Vintage Scout a call. It’s our specialty blending modern with traditional and tossing in the unique.

Creating Unexpected Modern Art

Lately I am loving oversized photography in interiors.Especially that of animals. Even a sweet and traditional photograph becomes a modern piece of art when it’s larger than expected.

design credit: Gwen Driscoll

So I am EXTREMELY lucky to know a talented photographer who captures the personality of a farm animal like no other.And she’s lucky to have built in subjects all around that farm house of hers.This one I have plans for… Hoping a client adopts this pup in something about 4 feet wide. Not that that’s extremely oversized, but it’s most of the width of the wall.These last two were captured on a mission trip she did to Ecuador. Wouldn’t this cow be a fantastic wall mural?So stinkin’ cute, I can’t stand it!

I probably don’t need to introduce you to Miss Tricia Whitmer again. We have collaborated on several fun projects including her farm house featured in Flea Market Decor magazine, some of our portfolio photography, and several trips to Scott Antique Market. Even though Tricia is primarily a portrait artist, her blog posts and Facebook page include so many amazing images like these that she is able to capture through that lens of hers. Venture over to her website and see which critter you would print in say, something 6 feet wide for over a sofa. If you need advice on placing and hanging your artwork, give the Scouts a call. We’d be happy to advise you on creating a look that is all your own.

The Scouts are featured in Flea Market Decor Magazine

Even as busy as we’ve been, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. On the footsteps of our national magazine debut in Bedrooms and Baths, we were honored to be featured again in another Romatic Homes publication, Flea Market Decor.

You may know that we have collaborated with the magnificent Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography on shooting some of our portfolio. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the Instagrams we’ve posted of our escapades together. (follow us: Well, Tricia recently moved into a 100 year old farmhouse south of Atlanta and we were honored when she asked us to help her create her vision for it.

No project has brought truer meaning to the quote, “Design should tell a story.” Tricia had one requirement: she wanted to use only vintage or repurposed items in the decor. She wanted each and every piece we selected to have a history; after all the farm house had one. Now you all know The Scouts LOVE some flea market-ing and incorporating vintage items into our designs. But this was a challenge, as we tend to create a mix of things old and new, modern and vintage. ALL vintage? Yep.We had so much fun on this project! It’s always invigorating to be challenged (in a good way) as a designer and collaborate with another creative. From searching for the right baby doll to learning how to change a drill bit, working on this farm house was a labor of love. Here are a few shots of Tricia’s home. (all photo credit rights: Tricialee Photography) Enjoy!

I love the colors of these vintage Coke crates we hung on the wall. We filled the niches with all sorts of old treasures.

Tricia sourced this truck, and it is one of my favorite things in the house. The old toy takes on a new life in a sculptural way.We filled glass front cabinets with mix and match red transferware, a collection that can continue to grow. The centerpiece vases were created by tucking milk glass bud vases inside old truck springs. Love it!

Read about Tricia’s version of the project here: Everything Old Is New Again And make sure you pick up a copy of Flea Market Decor. Aside from our story, there are some great tips on incorporating vintage pieces into your own decor.


The Madness That Is Our Design Space

Well, if you’ve been into Vintage Scout anytime in the last week or so, you’ve been met with a mess. Our sincerest apologies. What we thought would be a quick weekend project exploded into full-fledged mayhem.

It is a desperately needed update. We painted and are adding new lighting.

Always important for a designer to be able to see color; ya think? The space is slowly coming back together, so be ready for a new exciting design space at the studio. And to let you in on a little secret… new inventory is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Traditional Kettering Home

I hope you have seen the special publication of Romantic Home Magazine called Bedrooms and Baths that features a bathroom renovation by Vintage Scout Interiors. We were so fortunate to work with that homeowner on most of the rest of her home as well.

Today we thought we’d share the living/dining space with you.

The client had wonderful things to work with. We worked with the existing draperies, but lightened up the living space with a warm gray color. The only new furniture we had to purchase was a linen sofa and leather ottoman.

The large open living space with high ceilings proved to be a challenge when arranging furniture. We created two separate seating areas.The client already had the beautiful rosewood dining set. We freshened it with new cushions and added a modern crystal table lamp to complement the amazing Waterford chandy.

Stay tuned for more from this beautiful home including a white kitchen to-die-for! For more information on Vintage Scout and our services email us at

I’m Going To Camp

Like many of you, I use the “do not disturb” setting on my phone & iPad. A girl’s gotta get some beauty sleep, you know? So when I woke up Tuesday morning to my Twitter notifications, I was pretty excited.


But was it too good to be true?

Only a week earlier we received an email at the shop about Design Camp. The email described the two-day opportunity to learn and network with some of the most respected names in design business; in all areas of the business. I mentioned to Dana that I thought it could be something good for us to do. Of course Money Lady responds with the “We’ll have to look at the budget” answer that she’s so good at. (That damn voice of reason; must we all have one??) Well it just so happened Dana was leaving the next morning for Mexico so we wouldn’t be able to go over it until she got back. I know, world smallest violin playing for Dana: Mexico, while we were freezing back here. I’ll give her this; she deserved it and yes, she had a blast. I’m thankful she came back.

Anyhoo, I saw on Twitter that Lisa Mende was giving away two free tickets on her blog Lisa Mende Design to attend this event. I thought what the heck, what do I have to lose? So I commented about one of the many speakers I’d be interested most in hearing. Well, let me just say, my luck is starting out on a high note in 2013, because I won the opportunity! I must admit, my first thought was I never win anything, it’s gotta be too good to be true. So I just kinda sat on it awhile until I got the message asking for all my details. So ladies and gents-

I’M GOING TO DESIGN CAMP! In Atlanta. At the end of the month. It’s a whirlwind, clearing schedules and making plans, but I’m so sure this is going to be such a worthwhile event! And luckily the budget thing didn’t have to play a big part in the decision. I can’t wait! If you’re curious about what Design Camp is all about or want to join me, check out the website here. My goals are to learn a lot, network and make new connections, and get motivated. Thank you over and over to Lisa Mende, Kelli Ellis & Lori Dennis! I look forward to meeting you all!

See you at The Fox!