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Loving These Lately!

When I’m at my cabin, one of my favorite things to do is catch up on magazines, blogs, and generally get lost virtually exploring beautiful things. I just don’t have time to do that at home or the studio. I thought I’d share with you some of the goodies that have jumped out at me.

Staffordshire Dog


Am I so late to the Hayley Sarno lovefest? (Plus she spells her name right)  Ms. Sarno is a former darling of the fashion world- think Ralph, Marc Jacobs, turned illustrator. I want some personalized stationery! This Staffordshire-too cool for school-dog is straight up my alley!

Boy Girl Console

You can’t go wrong with upholstered casegoods. This console by Mr. & Mrs. Howard for Sherrill Furniture is perfect! Available in any of their fabrics or COM. And the nail head is just icing on the cake.Leland1, Mara Held

The art of Mara Held, a New York based artist creating pattern based abstract paintings.


I came across the jewelry of Julie Vos while shopping at one of my favorite local boutiques, GAMINE. Love her earrings and bangles- definitely on my wish list.

So, share with me some of the cool things you’re loving these days.


Think Pink

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since High Point market and I haven’t even filled you in on what I took away as incoming trends. The consensus among designers was that it was a really good market. I think the reason is that there was color, color, and more color! After several seasons of “gray being the new black”, I know I for one, am excited to see some bright yet approachable colors in the next few seasons. The color that really stood out for me in all elements was PINK.

Pillows, walls, rugs, lighting, accessories, artwork and more!

So what are your thoughts on pink? Would you go for a pink wall covering in a room other than a girls’ room? I think pink can be very sophisticated and flattering when the right tone is used and in the right context. If you think you want to go pink, give me a call. I’d love to find the right place for it in your home.

Nobody Said It Was Easy

“Nobody said it was easy. It’s such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. Oh take me back to the start.” ~ Coldplay, The Scientist

This was the song that came on my run this morning as I turned the corner toward home. Wow. So true. Today is the first day of the new chapter of Vintage Scout, but like the song says, let me take you back to the start.

Vintage Scout is actually the brain child of Dana and our previous business partner, Jean. I think some of you probably remember her. They came up with the concept while living in Germany and hitting all the flea markets in France and Belgium. The girls moved back to the states and Vintage Scout was officially started in 2005. The first location over on Franklin St. began mostly as a retail store with design services on the side. In 2007, Vintage Scout was asked to provide their unique look for a 9000 sq ft Homearama home to take place in 2008. Too big of a task to take on with just the two of them; they approached me to join them. I jumped at the opportunity! I loved these girls and their vision and everything about Vintage Scout. The Homearama led to an abundance of design jobs and all of a sudden we found ourselves a full-fledged, full-time, full-service interior design studio along with the retail store. We managed with the three of us, but when Jean got divorced and moved it became a little more daunting with Dana and myself, but we figured it out and made it work and kept growing the business.

That brings us to a few months ago when we found out Dana’s husband had been offered an awesome job in Nashville. You know the rest of the story. Saturday, we closed the door of the retail store in Centerville for the last time. We’re pretty cleaned out. You all got some amazing; and I mean AMAZING deals on some things. Dana’s been sailing this ship ever since she left port. I’m honored to skipper it for awhile. The door is open for a Vintage Scout Nashville, a pop up shop, or who knows what. The webstore will still be open for business. And design… I need to wrap this blog up as I’ve got so much work to catch up on after spending last week getting the store closed.

But I can’t leave without saying how wonderful our customers are and it’s what we’re going to miss the most about the store. We shared our kids’ college entrance stories with you, heard about pregnancies before even husbands, enjoyed meeting your mothers, were jealous at the travels you told us about, loved on your dogs when you brought them in, admired your shoes, coats, bags and more. We’ll miss you! Stay in touch with us via this blog, our Facebook page or our Instagram. We’re still around; just in a different way.

xoxo, Debbie

Springfield Sadness

This morning I got up early and headed to the Springfield Extravaganza.For those of you not familiar, the Extravaganza is held twice a year on fairgrounds between Dayton and Columbus. It’s a really good flea market/antique show.

Only this time, I was a little sad. We usually head to the September show to do some last minute stocking for our big French French Flea Market. This year would have been our 6th.

You see, we’re not shopping for the brick & mortar store at the moment. If you haven’t heard, Dana is moving to Nashville where her husband relocated with his job. And I’ve come to the realization that I can’t run the store and the design studio by myself. So we’ve come to the very difficult decision to close the retail store here in Dayton, at least for the time being. It took us awhile to even be able to say it out loud or tell anyone. But we’re moving forward with a “change is a good thing, positive attitude”.

Next on our agenda is moving the studio to the new downtown Dayton location in the Front Street Buildings. And we’ll be having a big Bon Voyage sale in a few weeks so stay tuned. The website store remains open and hopefully will expand. In the meantime, we’ll keep Scouting, because that’s what we love to do. I’m sure the sadness will turn back into the giddiness we feel when we load our “wheelie dealie” into the car at the crack of dawn and head out looking for those vintage treasures. In the meantime, the interior design studio is running full force so give us a call, and be sure to let us know if you’ve got your eye out for something special…

Summer Store Hours


Beginning July 1st and running through August, Vintage Scout summer hours take effect. We will be opening the store by chance or by appointment. What this means is, yes, we’ll still be running the design studio full time, but you might not always catch us in the shop. We’ve been blessed by so many of you asking us for our interior design services, that this summer when the retail traffic is a little slower, we thought we might try something different in order to give us a little more flexibility to serve you better in this aspect.

How it affects you stopping in to pick up your favorite Scout goodies: a) we’ll update our Facebook page daily when you can find us at the shop. b) call ahead or email to find out if we’re there or even set up a time to stop in. c) take advantage of our online store and have your purchases shipped to your door. d) take a chance and swing into the studio; we’ll possibly be there. Doing full service interior design requires us to be there a chunk of time, so you’ve got a decent chance to catch us at the store.

Thank you for your understanding as Vintage Scout grows and moves forward. Happy Summer!

Fondly, Dana & Debbie

Current Design Crush- Milo Baughman

The past month at Vintage Scout has been wonderful. We have been blessed with new clients calling, store customers turning into design clients, and clients we’ve worked with before calling again. One of those clients has us working on a dining room and office makeover. I have this vision in my head (you designers know how that is), so I began looking at 1stdibs for dining tables and chairs. I had a Milo Baughman chair in mind, but oh, how I found so much more Milo!

I didn’t include what I found for that client; you’ll just have to stay tuned to see that.

Do you have a favorite Milo Baughman piece? Or who’s your current design crush? If you’d like to place a classic piece of furniture like one of these in your home, but need help making it work with your design aesthetic, give Vintage Scout a call. It’s our specialty blending modern with traditional and tossing in the unique.

The Scouts are featured in Flea Market Decor Magazine

Even as busy as we’ve been, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. On the footsteps of our national magazine debut in Bedrooms and Baths, we were honored to be featured again in another Romatic Homes publication, Flea Market Decor.

You may know that we have collaborated with the magnificent Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography on shooting some of our portfolio. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the Instagrams we’ve posted of our escapades together. (follow us: Well, Tricia recently moved into a 100 year old farmhouse south of Atlanta and we were honored when she asked us to help her create her vision for it.

No project has brought truer meaning to the quote, “Design should tell a story.” Tricia had one requirement: she wanted to use only vintage or repurposed items in the decor. She wanted each and every piece we selected to have a history; after all the farm house had one. Now you all know The Scouts LOVE some flea market-ing and incorporating vintage items into our designs. But this was a challenge, as we tend to create a mix of things old and new, modern and vintage. ALL vintage? Yep.We had so much fun on this project! It’s always invigorating to be challenged (in a good way) as a designer and collaborate with another creative. From searching for the right baby doll to learning how to change a drill bit, working on this farm house was a labor of love. Here are a few shots of Tricia’s home. (all photo credit rights: Tricialee Photography) Enjoy!

I love the colors of these vintage Coke crates we hung on the wall. We filled the niches with all sorts of old treasures.

Tricia sourced this truck, and it is one of my favorite things in the house. The old toy takes on a new life in a sculptural way.We filled glass front cabinets with mix and match red transferware, a collection that can continue to grow. The centerpiece vases were created by tucking milk glass bud vases inside old truck springs. Love it!

Read about Tricia’s version of the project here: Everything Old Is New Again And make sure you pick up a copy of Flea Market Decor. Aside from our story, there are some great tips on incorporating vintage pieces into your own decor.


The Madness That Is Our Design Space

Well, if you’ve been into Vintage Scout anytime in the last week or so, you’ve been met with a mess. Our sincerest apologies. What we thought would be a quick weekend project exploded into full-fledged mayhem.

It is a desperately needed update. We painted and are adding new lighting.

Always important for a designer to be able to see color; ya think? The space is slowly coming back together, so be ready for a new exciting design space at the studio. And to let you in on a little secret… new inventory is coming soon. Stay tuned!

I’m Going To Camp

Like many of you, I use the “do not disturb” setting on my phone & iPad. A girl’s gotta get some beauty sleep, you know? So when I woke up Tuesday morning to my Twitter notifications, I was pretty excited.


But was it too good to be true?

Only a week earlier we received an email at the shop about Design Camp. The email described the two-day opportunity to learn and network with some of the most respected names in design business; in all areas of the business. I mentioned to Dana that I thought it could be something good for us to do. Of course Money Lady responds with the “We’ll have to look at the budget” answer that she’s so good at. (That damn voice of reason; must we all have one??) Well it just so happened Dana was leaving the next morning for Mexico so we wouldn’t be able to go over it until she got back. I know, world smallest violin playing for Dana: Mexico, while we were freezing back here. I’ll give her this; she deserved it and yes, she had a blast. I’m thankful she came back.

Anyhoo, I saw on Twitter that Lisa Mende was giving away two free tickets on her blog Lisa Mende Design to attend this event. I thought what the heck, what do I have to lose? So I commented about one of the many speakers I’d be interested most in hearing. Well, let me just say, my luck is starting out on a high note in 2013, because I won the opportunity! I must admit, my first thought was I never win anything, it’s gotta be too good to be true. So I just kinda sat on it awhile until I got the message asking for all my details. So ladies and gents-

I’M GOING TO DESIGN CAMP! In Atlanta. At the end of the month. It’s a whirlwind, clearing schedules and making plans, but I’m so sure this is going to be such a worthwhile event! And luckily the budget thing didn’t have to play a big part in the decision. I can’t wait! If you’re curious about what Design Camp is all about or want to join me, check out the website here. My goals are to learn a lot, network and make new connections, and get motivated. Thank you over and over to Lisa Mende, Kelli Ellis & Lori Dennis! I look forward to meeting you all!

See you at The Fox!

And the winner is…

Thank you for graciously Sharing Your Scout with us. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing how your Vintage Scout treasures look in your home. But there can only be one winner.

Jennifer L. shared this photo of the fleur de lis hooks she snagged at Vintage Scout. She is the lucky winner of her choice of a Delirium Candle or Cucina product.

Don’t let the end of the contest stop you from Sharing Your Scout. We love seeing how our lovlies look when they find new homes. Remember to use the #vintagescout. You can check out what’s new at Vintage Scout by following us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.