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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Well it’s not news to anyone how cold it is across the country.  I thought I might visually warm you up with some of my favorite fireplaces.

The first four are from my Pinterest Board “Fireplaces”. If I know the designer or photo credit, I post it there. If I don’t have it and you know it, please let me know; I like to give credit where credit is due. Please stay warm and safe my friends.

TCB down in the ATL

The last 10 days has been a big blur as I jam-packed a ton of things into my trip down to Georgia. A week ago Friday we drove straight to Athens for UGA Homecoming and AXO Parents’ Weekend.

I had the privilege of graduating from Georgia many moons ago and it’s so fun coming back to campus to visit my baby who, I can’t believe it, is a junior. Where does time go?

From there we headed up to Kennesaw for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday. You would never guess he was 80. On his big day (which btw was Veterans’ Day; very fitting since he is a retired Brigadier General) he wanted to golf, water ski and play tennis, all on his birthday. Water skiing in November?

Let me assure you I was the only sane one who did not get in the water. Here are the Basnett boys “warming up” with a little bourbon.

Next on the agenda was The Business of Design Conference. If you are an interior designer and you are not familiar with Kimberley Seldon and Business of Design, I suggest you check it out. I was lucky enough to attend these three priceless days of working on my business with the lovely ladies of Kandrac & Kole.

I am thrilled and a bit overwhelmed at the same time to implement the incredible things I took away from this group. Kimberley’s no-nonsense attitude toward the business side of the business was just what I needed. I came away invigorated and motivated to improve my business model not only for me, but more for my clients. Look for exciting changes at Vintage Scout!

I finally headed back up I75 to Ohio Saturday. Thank goodness for XM radio; I was able to listen to college football the whole drive. So to close out the weekend, hubby and I worked on getting the walls up to create a storage area at the loft.

I still have to paint them, but it will let me finish getting things put away down at Front Street. And yep, that’s a big mess.

Well, I guess that catches you up with me. I’m off to chill out and slow my mind down with a glass of wine and watch some Homeland. Do any of you watch that? We are kind of addicted to a lot of the Showtime series. Let me know if there’s any you might recommend. Maybe we could have a support group.

Have a great Monday! Debbie


Springfield Sadness

This morning I got up early and headed to the Springfield Extravaganza.For those of you not familiar, the Extravaganza is held twice a year on fairgrounds between Dayton and Columbus. It’s a really good flea market/antique show.

Only this time, I was a little sad. We usually head to the September show to do some last minute stocking for our big French French Flea Market. This year would have been our 6th.

You see, we’re not shopping for the brick & mortar store at the moment. If you haven’t heard, Dana is moving to Nashville where her husband relocated with his job. And I’ve come to the realization that I can’t run the store and the design studio by myself. So we’ve come to the very difficult decision to close the retail store here in Dayton, at least for the time being. It took us awhile to even be able to say it out loud or tell anyone. But we’re moving forward with a “change is a good thing, positive attitude”.

Next on our agenda is moving the studio to the new downtown Dayton location in the Front Street Buildings. And we’ll be having a big Bon Voyage sale in a few weeks so stay tuned. The website store remains open and hopefully will expand. In the meantime, we’ll keep Scouting, because that’s what we love to do. I’m sure the sadness will turn back into the giddiness we feel when we load our “wheelie dealie” into the car at the crack of dawn and head out looking for those vintage treasures. In the meantime, the interior design studio is running full force so give us a call, and be sure to let us know if you’ve got your eye out for something special…

Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics. They’re a good thing.

A few days ago I posted this photo to Instagram.

Its not too late to start thinking about jazzing up your outdoor living space. These indoor/outdoor fabrics from Kirkby Design are perfect.

It occurred to me how often I’ve turned to indoor/outdoor fabrics for indoors. They are perfect for sunrooms, family rooms and kids’ spaces. Also known as “high performance” fabrics, they are designed for sun exposure and maximum durability~ so versatile!

Indoor/outdoor fabrics have come a long way in the last few years. Fibers feel more like traditional indoor fabric as opposed to that slick synthetic they used to be. Patterns and colors are more up to date. And more fabric houses are introducing indoor/outdoor fabrics, meaning the choices can be virtually endless.

Kravet’s Soleil Lifestyles Fabric

If you are looking into new upholstered furniture or reupholstering an existing piece, call or email Vintage Scout to discuss what fabrics would be best for your lifestyle and budget. Indoor/outdoor fabric might be right for you.

What’s on your nightstand?


I am always seeing these beautiful staged photos of designers’ nightstands. Feelings of jealousy stirred in me as I awoke this morning to reach over for my cell phone to see what time it was as well as if any clients had texted me at unreasonable hours. How come my nightstand isn’t magazine ready and sporting fresh flowers? So I thought I’d share with you how at least some of us designers really live.

Excuse 1: Remember the story about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes? So it goes with the interior designer. When I get home, I just want to have dinner and a glass of wine and unwind with some TV.

Excuse 2: Designers have tough times making decisions for themselves. There might be something really cool at market… or I’m hitting an estate sale this weekend, let me see what I might find… or I can’t afford what I really want so I’m looking for something I can. Jeez, I need to hire a designer!

Excuse 3: There’s always gonna be an excuse until I just suck it up and make it happen. Soon, right?

So, here’s what’s on my nightstand:

The Lamp. I have this lamp because I can. I’m not sure it’s me style-wise, but it is all me. It was my Grandmother’s favorite lamp and then my Mom had it and she loved it too. It makes me happy and that’s what it’s all about.

Half-drank (or is it drunk?) glass of water. A girl gets thirsty in the night.

Generic brand of Aquaphor. I slather this stuff on my lips and cuticles every night. Generic because I’m saving up for that nightstand of my dreams.

Speaking of the nightstand; the table itself is a vintage bamboo piece I bought when we lived in England. I really do like it.

Room spray by Chi. Love the smell of this. It’s so relaxing to me and keeps stinky husband smells at bay. (Don’t pretend you married people don’t know what I’m talking about)

Lack of fresh flowers. The reason I have no fresh flowers or plants anywhere in my house is because I have Little Kitty. Little Kitty enjoys munching on plants and will knock over any container left on any surface to find out what’s in it.

Remote control. I told you, #howdesignersreallylive. I watch TV in bed. There, I said it.

That silver dish with a bunch of junk in it. The dish is worthy, it’s Nambe. The junk however may not be; glasses to see said television and a handful of earplugs. Don’t judge.

Yes, that’s a landline. I have this paranoia that my kids might have an emergency and my cell phone might be dead. Really you ask? There’s an iphone charger right there. Old habits die hard, don’t they.

Kids: my favorite photo of them. It captures their personalities as children so perfectly.

Paper and pen for any middle of the night brilliant ideas that inevitably come to mind and keep me awake at 3am.

Book. The Great Gatsby is on the table at the moment. However, I rarely pick up a real book. I always seem to reach for that giant stack of magazines you see stacked below the table.

The other miscellaneous you see below the table. A framed print that was also my Grandmother’s that I keep saying I’m going to find a place for, and a giant cut in the drywall that is left over from the porch addition work we had done. We figured we’d wait until we did the master bedroom to fix it. There’s that horrible circle come ’round again…

So I’ve come clean to you all. It’s a bit nervewracking putting this out there in blog land. Do you have the guts to share what’s really on your nightstand? Pop it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me @scoutdeb. And do not fear. If you call me to help you with your master bedroom, I promise that at least when I leave, your space will be magazine-worthy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!




Inspiration is everywhere. -Barry Dixon

This morning I decided I would take a little bit of time and get inspired by spending some time going back through my Barry Dixon book.

I had the good fortune to hear Barry speak while I was at Design Camp in Atlanta this past January. I’ll admit, it wasn’t the portion of the conference I was most looking forward to, but afterwards, it was my favorite! Meeting him afterwards for just a few moments, he has an uncanny knack of making you feel like you’ve been friends forever.So impressive to me- his attention to detail and how he uses this for inspiration.The fabric Barry designed for Vervain on the right was inspired by the hay bales on his farm. Cool, right?

But I think the real reason I loved hearing him speak was that he made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. How in the world could Barry Dixon legitimize me, you ask? A simple phrase about having not one, but two clients; one being the human client and the other being the house. Yes, houses speak to designers. They tell us what they want and what they need.

We’re like “house whisperers”.

So even though you probably will never see this blog; Barry Dixon, thank you for your inspiration in more ways than one. You prove my mantra that good things happen to good people.

What is inspiring you at the moment? Where do you go when you need that little jump start?

This week at Vintage Scout

Through the eyes of InstagramHit our first flea market of the season up here in Ohio. This chicken nester would be perfect mounted on a mudroom wall for shoes.

We paid tribute to Lilly Pulitzer who passed away this week.We installed our bathroom at the DPVA Designers’ Show House located in Oakwood, Ohio

We tried to catch up on estimates and floor planning.We had fun with Throwback Thursday. #tbt Can you believe my babies are 20 and 21 now? I am still 29.

And our favorite part- visits to our clients’ homes.

What did you get up to this week? You can follow us on Instagram at @ScoutDeb and ScoutDana

Gettin’ Healthy All Up In Here

We’ve been working some long hours here at Vintage Scout. And we are not complaining one bit! So we know we’ve got to take care of ourselves; trying to get the workout in, maybe a little yoga upstairs, and eating healthy most of the time. Rachel was telling me yesterday about a smoothie she has been drinking for breakfast called “The Green Monster”. This morning was the perfect morning for me to try it since I broke that cardinal rule of eating healthy last night by having brie & crackers avec wine for dinner. Dinner of Champions, right?

So here’s the Green Monster:

In your blender, start with 2 cups of spinach

Quite often we have bananas that we don’t eat before they go too ripe, so I break them up and freeze them. They’re perfect for smoothies that way. Add some banana to your blender. I used half, but Rachel adds a whole one.

Next, blueberries- the super food- half cup

Gotta get our omega-3s, so add 1 Tbsp flax oil. You could do the seeds instead if you wish.

Finally, a cup of almond milkAdd a few pieces of ice, blend it all up and voila!

The Green Monster.

I calculated about 250 calories and a lot of healthy ingredients! And lest you forget we’re interior designers, look how closely it resembles that Pantone color of the year, Emerald Green.

Try it yourself and let us know what you think. Put your own spin on it. And stay healthy out there.

Vintage Scout in the Spring 2013 Issue of Bedrooms & Baths!

We’ve been keeping a little secret from you. Last fall we got an email from the editors of Romantic Homes that they liked our work and would like to feature some of our projects in some upcoming magazines. We were super excited, especially since we had just had Tricialee Photography in town to shoot some of our recent finished spaces. We sent in some photos, answered some questions and patiently waited. So Saturday, when Hayley and I stopped in the bookstore to pick up the latest issue of Garden & Gun only to find it sold out, but saw this little gem, we said, “Let’s see if this is the one we’re in.”

Opened it up to page 10 and there we were.

The article talks a little about the job, which by the way is one of my favorites. We were blessed to have a wonderful client with good taste, who let us guide her to a glorious bathroom renovation.

You can pick up a copy of Bedrooms & Baths at your local bookstore. Run out and buy it! There are some really wonderful inspiration rooms in the magazine. If you are considering a kitchen or bath renovation, give us a call. Our studio is in the Dayton/Cinci area, but the Scouts say “Have ideas; will travel.” We’ve completed work in the Atlanta and Chicago areas, as well as some long distance design consultation on second homes in Hilton Head and Lake Michigan.

Rachel’s Visit to Carnegie

Our intern, Rachel, recently took a quick weekend jaunt to Pittsburgh to attend a wedding. She came back raving about the museums she got to explore, so I asked her to share her excitement with you- via blog.

When you find yourself in Pittsburgh, PA you will to have to allocate some time to stop by the Carnegie Museum of Art.  Its. that. good. (especially if you are a furniture lover like me).  When I read online that their furniture selection was taken out of storage in 2009 after being packed up for a decade, I was eager to hit the road, get my ticket, and get into that gallery!

Standing in a corner of chair heaven.

The wall of chairs that greeted us was breathtaking.  Is it weird that I would be completely okay with this in my own home? Probably, but I am a chair girl all the way. I find the many different styles on display inspiring.

This funky metal chair peaked the interest of Christopher. He might approve of a wall of chairs in our home as long as they were all made of metal.

The anodized aluminum of this frame makes me swoon.  Can’t you see this in your home with a great animal print rug underneath? Dreamy.

Gazelle Lounge Chair – Dan Johnson

Although chairs are my favorite, how could you not go gaga over this chest of drawers? What a fantastic way to repurpose worn out chests and capture a bit of furniture history. Each drawer is a different style which I find thought provoking. What would you store in there?  I’m thinking this would be the perfect place to stash board games or Christmas tree ornaments.

You Cant Lay Down Your Memories – Tejo Remy

BONUS I was literally jumping up and down with excitement when I realized that admission also included access to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Talk about natural beauties; the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems is stunning.  The museum also claims to have more real fossils than any other museum, so if you love dinosaurs as much as you love design you are in for a treat!

Gorgeous Minerals and Gems

Next trip we are going to have to stop by the other two Carnegie Museums, the Carnegie Science Center and Andy Warhol Museum. Have you ever been? What did you think?

It’s Time To Let Them Go

We know it’s hard. But we are in the age of ITunes and Sonos, so it’s time to let those CD jewel cases go.

They are space suckers! It’s tough finding places for 100s of those, especially now that entertainment centers have gone the way of the dinosaur. Save those music files digitally and file the CDs in sleeves that can be kept in 3 ring binders. Yes, you are allowed to save the booklet insert with all the lyrics and stuff. They can fit right in the sleeve and the whole thing can be stashed away in a lot less space.

The cases can be recycled or if you’re creative…Maybe not.