Gettin’ Healthy All Up In Here

We’ve been working some long hours here at Vintage Scout. And we are not complaining one bit! So we know we’ve got to take care of ourselves; trying to get the workout in, maybe a little yoga upstairs, and eating healthy most of the time. Rachel was telling me yesterday about a smoothie she has been drinking for breakfast called “The Green Monster”. This morning was the perfect morning for me to try it since I broke that cardinal rule of eating healthy last night by having brie & crackers avec wine for dinner. Dinner of Champions, right?

So here’s the Green Monster:

In your blender, start with 2 cups of spinach

Quite often we have bananas that we don’t eat before they go too ripe, so I break them up and freeze them. They’re perfect for smoothies that way. Add some banana to your blender. I used half, but Rachel adds a whole one.

Next, blueberries- the super food- half cup

Gotta get our omega-3s, so add 1 Tbsp flax oil. You could do the seeds instead if you wish.

Finally, a cup of almond milkAdd a few pieces of ice, blend it all up and voila!

The Green Monster.

I calculated about 250 calories and a lot of healthy ingredients! And lest you forget we’re interior designers, look how closely it resembles that Pantone color of the year, Emerald Green.

Try it yourself and let us know what you think. Put your own spin on it. And stay healthy out there.

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