I Love Lamp

Brick must be an interior designer at heart because I know how he feels. I really do love lamp. You know how I realized this? Because I spent the last three days with my sister selecting all the lighting for her new home in Ecuador. Well ok, a little more than just lighting, but that was a huge part of it. IMG_7175

When you build a house in Ecuador, it doesn’t come with light fixtures. That’s not such a bad thing as I’m guessing builder grade down there is about as mundane as builder grade around here. So it started when Iss (that’s what I call my sister) heard through the ex-pat network that lighting options basically suck in Ecuador. And I have rubbed off on her, because she is about as big of a lighting snob as I am. So she and her husband have decided to purchase all their fixtures here and ship them with their household goods.IMG_7190After a three day whirlwind trip to Cotacotchi to measure and photograph, we met at my studio this past week to make some decisions. Luckily, our US fixtures will translate down in Ecuador with no adjustments needed. However, the places they put the boxes are sometimes not what I am used to here. And we had to select all pendant/chandeliers due to beams, ceiling heights, etc. Ecuador Lighting compressedHere’s a sneak peek of some of the gorgeous things we selected. The Bling on the top left will be over the dining room table that you see straight in the doorIMG_7177

Everything else kind of stemmed from that. Now our fingers are crossed that the fixtures arrive in time. Because we all know about those lead times on light fixtures…. wink wink- you designers and some of our clients know what I’m talking about.

Have a good week everyone! ~Debbie