Monday’s Furniture Crush

For this Monday’s Furniture Crush we knew we wanted to share a High Point find, but it was tough narrowing it down; we saw so many wonderful things. So we decided to bring you some of the unique things we found that we haven’t seen floating around out there amongst all the market photos.

If you must have a foosball table in your home, why not make it a piece of furniture? We had to practically fight off the guys playing it to get a photo.

Screen printed upholstered headboard, trimmed out with furniture webbing. Genius and gorgeous! This company also had huge floor pillows; all offered with a variety of images.20121022-114623.jpg

Bright colored metal furniture is virtually indestructible. Perfect for kids rooms.20121022-114713.jpgAs always, if you are interested in any of the pieces we’ve shown, contact us at . Vintage Scout Interiors is your resource for innovative designs, unique finds and one of a kind pieces.

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  1. ipick up a rattan chair on the bottom of the chair it said Ficks Reed late 1920s early 1930 what could the value you be on vintage ficks reed chair

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