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Nobody Said It Was Easy

“Nobody said it was easy. It’s such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. Oh take me back to the start.” ~ Coldplay, The Scientist

This was the song that came on my run this morning as I turned the corner toward home. Wow. So true. Today is the first day of the new chapter of Vintage Scout, but like the song says, let me take you back to the start.

Vintage Scout is actually the brain child of Dana and our previous business partner, Jean. I think some of you probably remember her. They came up with the concept while living in Germany and hitting all the flea markets in France and Belgium. The girls moved back to the states and Vintage Scout was officially started in 2005. The first location over on Franklin St. began mostly as a retail store with design services on the side. In 2007, Vintage Scout was asked to provide their unique look for a 9000 sq ft Homearama home to take place in 2008. Too big of a task to take on with just the two of them; they approached me to join them. I jumped at the opportunity! I loved these girls and their vision and everything about Vintage Scout. The Homearama led to an abundance of design jobs and all of a sudden we found ourselves a full-fledged, full-time, full-service interior design studio along with the retail store. We managed with the three of us, but when Jean got divorced and moved it became a little more daunting with Dana and myself, but we figured it out and made it work and kept growing the business.

That brings us to a few months ago when we found out Dana’s husband had been offered an awesome job in Nashville. You know the rest of the story. Saturday, we closed the door of the retail store in Centerville for the last time. We’re pretty cleaned out. You all got some amazing; and I mean AMAZING deals on some things. Dana’s been sailing this ship ever since she left port. I’m honored to skipper it for awhile. The door is open for a Vintage Scout Nashville, a pop up shop, or who knows what. The webstore will still be open for business. And design… I need to wrap this blog up as I’ve got so much work to catch up on after spending last week getting the store closed.

But I can’t leave without saying how wonderful our customers are and it’s what we’re going to miss the most about the store. We shared our kids’ college entrance stories with you, heard about pregnancies before even husbands, enjoyed meeting your mothers, were jealous at the travels you told us about, loved on your dogs when you brought them in, admired your shoes, coats, bags and more. We’ll miss you! Stay in touch with us via this blog, our Facebook page or our Instagram. We’re still around; just in a different way.

xoxo, Debbie