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My Christmas Confession

I have a confession to make. I don’t have my shit together. Pardon my French, but it’s true. There is no time like Christmas to make one realize this. I can come up with a million excuses, but it all boils down to priorities and crappy time management.

This is my mantle. No, I haven’t already taken my garland down. This is what it looked like on Christmas Eve when we had company for dinner. No, I am not Jewish. Showing you this picture makes me feel like most people feel posting a picture of themselves with no makeup. It was the first year I didn’t decorate my mantle. Guess what? Santa came anyway.

This is my Christmas tree. It IS still up. I’m surprised it even got put up. The only reason it got decorated was because I paid someone to do it. Seriously.

This is our Christmas card. Despite my good intentions and actually getting my part done on time; they are still not mailed. Because they are not back from the printers. Yep, I made a bad choice on that one.

Yes, I was wrapping gifts on Christmas morning. I have no wreath on my front door or lights in my trees. And God forbid the cute ideas I pinned on my Pinterest board to do this year. I’ll say it again: Christmas showed up on the 25th just like it does every year.

I write this not for your pity, but just in case there are others like me out there. You are not alone. We could have a support group. And wine does help. However, if there are no others, then can someone just put me out of my misery now. Before I start pinning new ideas for next Christmas.

Here’s to good intentions in 2014! Debbie

Holiday Gift Ideas

We’ve got your last minute gifts here at Vintage Scout!

1. “Be Good and If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful” metal sign from Sugarboo Designs. $50

2. Gold Urchin Metal Art. $22 – $35

3. Delirium Candles. $38

4. Mik Wright Coasters. $3.75 each

5. White Mod Frame. $30

6. Social Light Refillable Lighter. $36

Remember us for the BEST hostess gifts as well as unique gifts for the special ones on your list.

It’s Better To Give

Dana here… My favorite gifts to give from Vintage Scout:

Prince Charming bottle opener with a great six pack of beer (not purchased at VS),

Hilarious coasters that remind me of my family growing up.

A great bottle of wine hiding in a jute wine bag with a vintage door knob bottle stopper.

Do you see a theme here???

Please visit our online store to purchase, or if the item is not available on the website, email us at info@vintagescout.com. We would be happy to ship it right out.





in the magic that is Christmas.
Vintage Scout Interiors will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We’ll see you back at the studio Monday, December 27th at 10am.

MERRY CHRISTMAS or as we Scandinavians say, GOD JUL.