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Meet Our Newest Designers

You’ve been updated on our new logo and website which we started back in the spring. So here we are, plugging along on these major changes, as well as maintaining our retail store and design jobs. Unexpected in the midst of all this, Jean, one of the original Scouts, got a job offer she couldn’t refuse. She broke the news to the other Scouts and although we were desperately sad to see her move, we couldn’t help but be ecstatic for her. Next thing you know Dana and Debbie are swamped with reorganizing and thankful at the same time that new and old design clients continue to call. We decided we need help to continue growing. Enter our saving grace: Yoko and Lori.

You all may have heard us mention Yoko before. She was our intern last year and we fell in love with her. Yoko is from Japan and has traveled all over the world in her days as a flight attendant for Japan Airlines. Her worldly view and attention to detail make her a great addition to the Vintage Scout team. She is a recent graduate of design school with fresh ideas and a cheerful disposition.

Lori has been designing independently for 10 years. We approached her since her baby is off to college this year, thinking she may want to do a little more work and we are lucky she was thinking the same thing. Lori has done numerous kitchen renovations among many other projects, so she will fit in perfectly with us since it seems like that’s what’s happening so often these days at Vintage Scout.

Dana and I were laughing the other day, because as much as the two of us want to be organized at the shop, we are just a bit behind the eight ball and can’t get out. Well, Yoko and Lori are super organized and they have already stepped up and jumped in, helping us out tremendously; truly getting initiated at the French Flea Market. It’s funny how things work out.┬áThese two have taken off as Scouts already have design projects going and are filling in several hours at the Store each week. Stop by and meet them; we know you’ll love them as much as we already do.