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The Scouts are featured in Flea Market Decor Magazine

Even as busy as we’ve been, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. On the footsteps of our national magazine debut in Bedrooms and Baths, we were honored to be featured again in another Romatic Homes publication, Flea Market Decor.

You may know that we have collaborated with the magnificent Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography on shooting some of our portfolio. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the Instagrams we’ve posted of our escapades together. (follow us: instagram.com/scoutdeb) Well, Tricia recently moved into a 100 year old farmhouse south of Atlanta and we were honored when she asked us to help her create her vision for it.

No project has brought truer meaning to the quote, “Design should tell a story.” Tricia had one requirement: she wanted to use only vintage or repurposed items in the decor. She wanted each and every piece we selected to have a history; after all the farm house had one. Now you all know The Scouts LOVE some flea market-ing and incorporating vintage items into our designs. But this was a challenge, as we tend to create a mix of things old and new, modern and vintage. ALL vintage? Yep.We had so much fun on this project! It’s always invigorating to be challenged (in a good way) as a designer and collaborate with another creative. From searching for the right baby doll to learning how to change a drill bit, working on this farm house was a labor of love. Here are a few shots of Tricia’s home. (all photo credit rights: Tricialee Photography) Enjoy!

I love the colors of these vintage Coke crates we hung on the wall. We filled the niches with all sorts of old treasures.

Tricia sourced this truck, and it is one of my favorite things in the house. The old toy takes on a new life in a sculptural way.We filled glass front cabinets with mix and match red transferware, a collection that can continue to grow. The centerpiece vases were created by tucking milk glass bud vases inside old truck springs. Love it!

Read about Tricia’s version of the project here: Everything Old Is New Again And make sure you pick up a copy of Flea Market Decor. Aside from our story, there are some great tips on incorporating vintage pieces into your own decor.


Scott Antique Market

I was so excited to find out that the Home Furnishings Market here in Atlanta would coincide with a Scott’s weekend. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Scott’s, held every 2nd weekend of the month, is one of the best flea markets in the country. A great designers resource. Last time I was here I saw Paula Deen. (No, I didn’t get a photo. I just smiled at her with that “I’m polite and I’m just gonna let you shop” look; even though I was desperately wanting to know what she was buying and become her best friend and go eat some butter with her. Sorry, I digress…) But I won’t make you all feel that way. Here’s a little look at some of the things I saw and am bringing back to Vintage Scout.

The first thing I saw when I walked up was this wonderful vintage poster from the Paris store, Deyrolle. Deyrolle is THE place for taxidermy and curiosities. Shout out to Fifi, this is specially for you; as I know that is one of your favorite places. It was framed very well, but I passed on it.

There was nothing old about these tables, but I really was drawn to this one. The base is that wrought metal with a rusty finish that you tend to see in garden ornaments. I’d probably paint it or gold leaf it. The top was a beautiful honed & filled limestone. Coffee tables are not very conducive to having in the shop, but I more than likely would have made an exception for this one. Alas, the vendor was gone from his booth and the guy manning it didn’t know the price. Oh well…

I turned a corner and there was this pouting little boy staring up at me. Oh my gosh, he looks like someone just took his favorite toy away. What a face! They always have wonderful vintage paintings at Scott’s. But I had just bought three new pieces of artwork for the store yesterday, so I knew we wouldn’t have wall space for Precious. So instead I bought a vintage Little Lord Fauntleroy book along with some others. Every home should have old books, don’t you agree?

If this pair of vintage Italian plaster mirrors doesn’t go to a client (hanging over matching nightstands) they’ll come back for sale in the store. Gorgeous, right?

It’s well known I love taxidermy. So you know I had to get a shot of this cougar just chillaxin on the sofa. No chance of it coming back to Dayton. It’s also a well known fact that Dana doesn’t love taxidermy as much as I do.

There was a lot of painted furniture. We often like to find our own pieces and then have them painted. However, our painter moved away, our shop is empty, and I have to say, this particular vendor did a great job, so I bought this piece already painted. It’s a smallish three drawer chest with a pull out shelf. The little tray detail along the top back and sides is great. This is a piece that would fit a multitude of places in a home. And if you are in the Dayton area and happen to know someone who would be willing to paint and fix up furniture for us for a REASONABLE fee, give us a call.

All in all it was a successful trip. Please contact us if you’d like information on any of the items seen here. Several other little gems will be making their way back to Vintage Scout as well. Stop by next week to see what we have or check the shop here on our site.



We hope we didn’t catch anyone off guard with the sign on our door this morning; we were out Scouting! We got a lead from a fun new client about a barn sale about an hour and a half from here, so we decided to go check it out.So glad we did; there were tons of great finds for the Shop. And our bonus: We drove right past one of our guilty pleasures- Der Dutchman Restaurant. Yum… broasted chicken! Sorry we had to tempt you with that.
Back to the sneak peek of some of the things you’ll see back at shop. A set of three photographs featuring vintage airplanes. We’ll probably send them out for reframingScout Style!
Darling little painted tray. Pair of seriously hot creamwarelamps. Gotta find some shades for these babies, and when we do, they will not be in the shop long. Gorgeous!

Set of great books- Seeing Europe With Famous Authors. Don’t let the little dent in the corner scare you away. This set is perfect for filling a bookshelf; a very pretty bluish-gray. We picked up several other books as well.

Cute cake plate. Light aqua colored depression glass. Call dibs on it now.
And there is more! We apologize if any of you stopped by this morning to find us gone, but we promise, you will not be disappointed with our finds. If you are interested in any of our finds, send us an email at info@vintagescout.com. We’ll even be happy to arrange shipping if you don’t live in the Dayton/Cinci/Columbus area.

I Think I’ll Pass

Every time we go to a flea market, we usually pick up on a “the theme of the day”. Now most of the time the theme is something good; like we’ll see travel related items or lots of mirrors, -something we notice as a trend. However, on a recent scouting venture, the trend was a bit odd- actually, more than a bit odd. These are the things from that trip that really made us go “hmmmm”.
Yes, this photo is evidence the Scouts got up early for this flea market; it’s still dark outside. So it was a little scary when the first vendor we see has this crazy mannequin. Great place for the price sticker on her cheek.
I googled Linda Sengpiel. She really is the self-proclaimed First Lady of Yo. Does Ronald McDonald really need riot gear?

A lovely homemade etigere, complete with fake pigeons that have landed on it.

Love this track trophy. Need I give it a description? And secretly I really wanted it.

No, this isn’t Jean’s new cell phone. Someone’s idea of combining Asian and French design. Maybe we should have gotten this for the shop phone?

World’s biggest and freakiest Colonel Sanders wannabe puppet.

We usually love taxidermy, but these guys were odd. We first saw the little raccoon with the bucket and soon realized he was bummed he missed the boat.
Maybe they were just trying to get away from the freaky dead something below.

Taxidermy is an art when done properly, and so sad and scary when it’s not.

No idea what this giant head cup thing is. Maybe it’s for time outs. Note to self: be good.
Speaking of time outs. Time out dolls. Some lady really liked them when I was shooting this pic. I wonder if she bought them.

Another freaky mannequin.

No comment.

Really? This would be perfect in a haunted house. I hope we didn’t scare you too much. We promise the things we came back with were much better. Stop by and see some of our cool vintage finds or check out our online shop where we list some of them as well.