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Holiday Gift Ideas

We’ve got your last minute gifts here at Vintage Scout!

1. “Be Good and If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful” metal sign from Sugarboo Designs. $50

2. Gold Urchin Metal Art. $22 – $35

3. Delirium Candles. $38

4. Mik Wright Coasters. $3.75 each

5. White Mod Frame. $30

6. Social Light Refillable Lighter. $36

Remember us for the BEST hostess gifts as well as unique gifts for the special ones on your list.

Heroes Often Go Unsung

We sell some great frames at the store and one of the things we like to do is to replace the cheesy fillers the manufacturer includes and pop in something unique. Sometimes we like to have fun with it, like the time we put Sue Sylvester portraits in all the frames; sometimes we create our own art, and other times we use actual family photos of ours. Right now at Vintage Scout, you’ll find some really cool pictures in memory of an amazing man.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hookassian family as they remember the life of a very special man, Vahan Hookassian.

“I’ve learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures will never replace having been there, memories forget the hard times, words can never replace feelings, and heroes often go unsung.”

A Pallet, One Glove, & Our Vision

Debbie’s take – It all started with a wall that was begging for just a little bit more.  And a landscape delivery.  The boys were going to haul the pallet away, but master photographer, Tricia had a different plan; a vision to take it far beyond its utilitarian means and turn it into a work of ART!

Tricia’s take – Little did ROCKSTAR designer, Debbie Basnett realize that my vision would require her to discover and rely on her inner handyman?  Let there be no denying that there were moments of doubt when her talents couldn’t bail her out of her own panic once the drill bit was stuck in the pallet wood.

Debbie’s take – I WAS NOT GIVING UP…Tricia called her OWN handyman, and I resorted to GOOGLING “how to change a RYOBI drill bit”…neither helped, so last resort, 911 call to my own MacGyver hubby.  I have absolutely no idea what he said, but the only thing I heard was “WEAR THE GLOVE”…OMG, IT WORKED!!!

 Our Dream – BUCKLE UP, Pinterest…there’s NO stopping us now!

What’s New In The Store

Hi everyone. I got back from Chicago last night after a fun whirlwind of a trip. I opened the store this morning and what a treat! We got some new things in while I was gone. Check it out:

We’ve had vintage jewelry before, but this is our first venture into something new. These fun sealife-themed cuff bracelets are perfect for summer. Pastel pink, green, and blue, there are six different styles. They are only $13.50, so you can get one of each color.

Here’s a great way to infuse some color into your home- these mosaic chevron frames are fresh! They hold a 4×6 photo and are only $28. Available in blue, orange, red, and green. In the background you can see the new yarn vases. The matte porcelain finish perfectly shows off any springtime bloom you cut and bring into your home. Those come in three different sizes ranging in price from $12.50 – $21.50

Ooooh la la, I LOVE these gold urchins! Fun just to set on a coffee table or bookshelf, or they can be hung on the wall. Group a bunch of them together for a unique wall sculpture. Small, medium, and large available and the price is great: $22, $25, $35, respectively.

Vintage Scout is your go-to store for good frames. We’ve got a couple of styles of this unique equestrian style frame. Fits a 4×6 snapshot and is priced at $32.

Stop in soon, these goodies are sure to go quickly. We’re getting new stuff almost every week, so if you haven’t made a recent visit to Vintage Scout, you’ll want to see what’s new. We’ll try to get these things listed in our online store as well, so those of you outside the Dayton area can get the Scout look too. If you see something we don’t have in the online store, give us a call 937.312.9461 or email info@vintagescout.com and we can certainly ship it to you.

It’s All About the Details

…which is why Vintage Scout Interiors carries more than just furniture and lamps. Every tiny detail in your house says something about you.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: after writing and rereading the post, I realize it may sound preachy, snotty, and soap-boxy; although unintended. If this will offend you, stop reading now. If you get the jest of how I blog, keep on keepin’ on and thanks.

For instance, what smells greet guests when they enter your house? If it’s 7pm and you’re having a dinner party and it smells like sauteed garlic and onions, that’s one thing; but if someone stops by to go over a PTO budget with you at 10 in the morning, maybe not so. And if said dinner party was held last night, it’s entirely possible that the wonderful aroma of your creation may still be lingering. So you light a candle. A run-of-the-mill candle (yes I mean your average mall variety candle) or something with a unique scent and clean burning? We recommend choosing a Belle Fleur candle. They come in a floral series and a woods series, so you can choose one that matches your personality and home. Or if you can’t find a scent in that candle line, there are plenty of others that fit the bill.

Do you have one of those homes where more people use the back door than the front? If so, shouldn’t that rug be important too? Then why are you shopping for it at a discount store? Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rugs are beautiful and super easy to maintain. Most importantly, they have a back door price point! What are you waiting for?

We LOVE our Cucina! Their soaps, lotions, and cleaners are scented as not to conflict with food smells; making them perfect for the kitchen. Think about it; while you are preparing a savory dish, do you want to have a perfumy soap smell around? You’ve gone to the trouble to pour yourself a lovely glass of wine and the perfect tunes are playing on Pandora in the background; don’t ruin it with your kitchen soap. (Corny, I know; but picture it and just roll with it. Because for me, if I’m cooking, I like to make it about the whole process, not just the eating)

How are your pictures displayed? If they are important enough to have out for your guests to see, shouldn’t the frame have a little thought put into it and match your decor? Vintage Scout has a large selection of photo frames that would suit any home.

You’ve spent thousands on your new kitchen and poured hours into all the functional details. Don’t quit now. The splash of color that the right tea towel can bring is huge. Not to mention the frustration of how an inexpensive towel never seems to dry your dishes right. Nothing says “I care about the details” like LeJacquard Francais linens. They come in bright colors or neutrals; there is something for every season in every kitchen.

I could go on and on with the many details that make up a home, but I think you catch my drift. It’s about putting more thought; not necessarily money, into those things and not just knocking it all out with one trip to Tarjay. Not much frustrates me more than going into a really nice home and the one thing that stands out are the completely cheap looking frames they’ve got on the side table. Or washing my hands somewhere and getting a migraine from the scent of the soap.

If you’ve read this far, it must mean you read my disclaimer and decided to go for it. I hope you don’t regret it and defriend us on Facebook. And now, I’m sure I’ll trip as I hop down from my soapbox. Don’t worry, I’ll be OK.

Show House Sneak Peek

Well, the cat, err, the horse, is out of the bag on Vintage Scout’s design for the 2011 Dayton Philharmonic Show House & Gardens. The “Bare Bones” party was held this past Saturday, where patrons get a look at the house in it’s “before” state, and see the designers’ design boards for what it will look like “after”.

Here’s some shots of our space “before”. We have the upstairs hallway.

All the wallpaper will be stripped and the walls will be painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

Yep, it’s just a long narrow hallway with a bunch of doors. What’s a Scout to do?

Phenomenal gallery wall, that’s what!

With that in mind, the Scouts always create a “client” for their Show House projects. This year we imagine our client is a chic woman who has a passion for horses and riding. We have a whole story about her in our heads.

One of the difficulties that arises from doing a series of personal photographs in an application like this, is how to make it seem like someone lives there without being too personal. Does that make sense? As cool as our “client” is; she is make-believe after all.

Our dilemma was solved when we met Jennifer Muncy. She is a professional photographer who perfectly captures the excitement of the equestrian world. We are thrilled she agreed to let us display her work.

Make plans to attend the Dayton Philharmonic Show House and Gardens opening May 1st to see the finished Scout space in all its glory. Want a fabulous gallery wall in your own home, but don’t know where to start? Call Vintage Scout Interiors at 937-312-9461 and make an appointment for one of the Scouts to come out and help you figure it out.