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Controversial Art

“Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
‘Cause we need a little controversy,
‘Cause it feels so empty without me”

You hear artists like their work to create emotion, cause the end user to think, and so on. It sure seems true with artists such as Eminem, Damien Hurst, and even Picasso. Let it be know that I do not think of myself as an artist. However, I did intend our DPVA Show House Girl’s Bedroom to tell a story and to entice the viewer to think.

ThisAli Frazieris the source of the controversy.

Yes, I put it in a girl’s room. Well heck, Ali’s own daughter is a successful boxer. But that’s not why we put it there. We wanted the room to tell a story of a strong, independent girl.Daisies and boxers

Who still had a very feminine side. There are those of us who exist, you know.

The opposite side of the room featured a beautiful, yet non traditional floral print. And we had soft pink accents throughout.

Floral printShow Houses are supposed to let designers push the limits of their own creativity.

Still, we heard plenty of opinions. Some downright rude.

And then there were those few who got it. Immediately smiled upon entering the room, because this photograph was about the first thing you saw. They got the small touches- the Katherine Hepburn book discretely placed on the coffee table, the worn ballet pointe shoes hanging on the closet door. And I whole heartedly thank you for letting us know- your emails and texts meant so much to me and Sarah. Concept statement

So, I’m sorry if you were one of the ones who “didn’t get it”; wondered why our girl’s room wasn’t pink; was shocked by the “violent and sexist” photograph.

Or maybe I’m not.

Because you know what? This was my favorite thing in the space.

Show House Sneak Peek

Well, the cat, err, the horse, is out of the bag on Vintage Scout’s design for the 2011 Dayton Philharmonic Show House & Gardens. The “Bare Bones” party was held this past Saturday, where patrons get a look at the house in it’s “before” state, and see the designers’ design boards for what it will look like “after”.

Here’s some shots of our space “before”. We have the upstairs hallway.

All the wallpaper will be stripped and the walls will be painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

Yep, it’s just a long narrow hallway with a bunch of doors. What’s a Scout to do?

Phenomenal gallery wall, that’s what!

With that in mind, the Scouts always create a “client” for their Show House projects. This year we imagine our client is a chic woman who has a passion for horses and riding. We have a whole story about her in our heads.

One of the difficulties that arises from doing a series of personal photographs in an application like this, is how to make it seem like someone lives there without being too personal. Does that make sense? As cool as our “client” is; she is make-believe after all.

Our dilemma was solved when we met Jennifer Muncy. She is a professional photographer who perfectly captures the excitement of the equestrian world. We are thrilled she agreed to let us display her work.

Make plans to attend the Dayton Philharmonic Show House and Gardens opening May 1st to see the finished Scout space in all its glory. Want a fabulous gallery wall in your own home, but don’t know where to start? Call Vintage Scout Interiors at 937-312-9461 and make an appointment for one of the Scouts to come out and help you figure it out.