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Let’s Talk Turkey

If I mention Turkey art, is this what pops into your mind?

Well, think again. There is some fine art out there featuring what we normally think of as our Thanksgiving meal.Monet’s beautiful work, The Turkeys, Chateau Rottembourg, Montgeron

Wenzal’s Portrait of a Turkey. A very handsome gentleman, wouldn’t you say?

Audubon is a classic when it comes to artwork featuring wild birds. Or perhaps something a little out of the ordinary. Etsy is a favorite source of mine for art. This illustration is by The North Country Girl

Would you hang turkey art in your home?

I wish you all a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving


Wow! Ready or not, Thanksgiving is here! I’m super excited to have both my babies home from college. As usual though, I’m behind the power curve. If you are in the same boat, here are some last minute ideas for a Thanksgiving centerpiece; or if you’re lucky enough to be heading to someone else’s house for dinner, a host gift.

This is a simple vintage French Bottle Rack:

It can become a darling centerpiece with a quick trip to the grocery store flower section.

photo courtesy of frenchlarkspur.blogspot.com

Or swing into the back of the grocery for a few bottles of wine, and it becomes the best hostess gift of the night.

As of press time (doesn’t that sound important?), we’ve got two of them in the store or available in our online shop.

This Thanksgiving as we look to what we’re thankful for here at Vintage Scout, first and foremost are our clients and customers! I am thankful to have Dana for a business partner and I know I speak for both of us when I say we are so grateful to have Lori and Yoko on board with us. The Scouts wish you and yours a wonderful family-filled, turkey-eating day!