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Longing for Summer

What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

Well, John Steinbeck was not from Ohio, that’s for certain. Being born on the summer solstice wasn’t wasted on me, that’s for certain- I’m a warm weather girl! Blowing snow and below zero temperatures have me longing for all things summer.

Sometimes creative people just need to create for no reason other than the joy of it. That’s what happens when I get together with my good friend and photographer Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography. We both happened to be in Chicago at the same time this summer so we came up with this little garden photoshoot. Enjoy and I hope it warms you up a bit!

Yes, those are homegrown from my sister’s garden.I think Zip is missing summer too! Stay warm and safe out there.


All photography by Tricialee Photography, Creative by Debbie Basnett, Vintage Scout Interiors

Creating Unexpected Modern Art

Lately I am loving oversized photography in interiors.Especially that of animals. Even a sweet and traditional photograph becomes a modern piece of art when it’s larger than expected.

design credit: Gwen Driscoll

So I am EXTREMELY lucky to know a talented photographer who captures the personality of a farm animal like no other.And she’s lucky to have built in subjects all around that farm house of hers.This one I have plans for… Hoping a client adopts this pup in something about 4 feet wide. Not that that’s extremely oversized, but it’s most of the width of the wall.These last two were captured on a mission trip she did to Ecuador. Wouldn’t this cow be a fantastic wall mural?So stinkin’ cute, I can’t stand it!

I probably don’t need to introduce you to Miss Tricia Whitmer again. We have collaborated on several fun projects including her farm house featured in Flea Market Decor magazine, some of our portfolio photography, and several trips to Scott Antique Market. Even though Tricia is primarily a portrait artist, her blog posts and Facebook page include so many amazing images like these that she is able to capture through that lens of hers. Venture over to her website and see which critter you would print in say, something 6 feet wide for over a sofa. If you need advice on placing and hanging your artwork, give the Scouts a call. We’d be happy to advise you on creating a look that is all your own.

The Scouts are featured in Flea Market Decor Magazine

Even as busy as we’ve been, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. On the footsteps of our national magazine debut in Bedrooms and Baths, we were honored to be featured again in another Romatic Homes publication, Flea Market Decor.

You may know that we have collaborated with the magnificent Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography on shooting some of our portfolio. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the Instagrams we’ve posted of our escapades together. (follow us: instagram.com/scoutdeb) Well, Tricia recently moved into a 100 year old farmhouse south of Atlanta and we were honored when she asked us to help her create her vision for it.

No project has brought truer meaning to the quote, “Design should tell a story.” Tricia had one requirement: she wanted to use only vintage or repurposed items in the decor. She wanted each and every piece we selected to have a history; after all the farm house had one. Now you all know The Scouts LOVE some flea market-ing and incorporating vintage items into our designs. But this was a challenge, as we tend to create a mix of things old and new, modern and vintage. ALL vintage? Yep.We had so much fun on this project! It’s always invigorating to be challenged (in a good way) as a designer and collaborate with another creative. From searching for the right baby doll to learning how to change a drill bit, working on this farm house was a labor of love. Here are a few shots of Tricia’s home. (all photo credit rights: Tricialee Photography) Enjoy!

I love the colors of these vintage Coke crates we hung on the wall. We filled the niches with all sorts of old treasures.

Tricia sourced this truck, and it is one of my favorite things in the house. The old toy takes on a new life in a sculptural way.We filled glass front cabinets with mix and match red transferware, a collection that can continue to grow. The centerpiece vases were created by tucking milk glass bud vases inside old truck springs. Love it!

Read about Tricia’s version of the project here: Everything Old Is New Again And make sure you pick up a copy of Flea Market Decor. Aside from our story, there are some great tips on incorporating vintage pieces into your own decor.