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Longing for Summer

What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

Well, John Steinbeck was not from Ohio, that’s for certain. Being born on the summer solstice wasn’t wasted on me, that’s for certain- I’m a warm weather girl! Blowing snow and below zero temperatures have me longing for all things summer.

Sometimes creative people just need to create for no reason other than the joy of it. That’s what happens when I get together with my good friend and photographer Tricia Whitmer of Tricialee Photography.¬†We both happened to be in Chicago at the same time this summer so we came up with this little garden photoshoot. Enjoy and I hope it warms you up a bit!

Yes, those are homegrown from my sister’s garden.I think Zip is missing summer too! Stay warm and safe out there.


All photography by Tricialee Photography, Creative by Debbie Basnett, Vintage Scout Interiors

What’s on your nightstand?


I am always seeing these beautiful staged photos of designers’ nightstands. Feelings of jealousy stirred in me as I awoke this morning to reach over for my cell phone to see what time it was as well as if any clients had texted me at unreasonable hours. How come my nightstand isn’t magazine ready and sporting fresh flowers? So I thought I’d share with you how at least some of us designers really live.

Excuse 1: Remember the story about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes? So it goes with the interior designer. When I get home, I just want to have dinner and a glass of wine and unwind with some TV.

Excuse 2: Designers have tough times making decisions for themselves. There might be something really cool at market… or I’m hitting an estate sale this weekend, let me see what I might find… or I can’t afford what I really want so I’m looking for something I can. Jeez, I need to hire a designer!

Excuse 3: There’s always gonna be an excuse until I just suck it up and make it happen. Soon, right?

So, here’s what’s on my nightstand:

The Lamp. I have this lamp because I can. I’m not sure it’s me style-wise, but it is all me. It was my Grandmother’s favorite lamp and then my Mom had it and she loved it too. It makes me happy and that’s what it’s all about.

Half-drank (or is it drunk?) glass of water. A girl gets thirsty in the night.

Generic brand of Aquaphor. I slather this stuff on my lips and cuticles every night. Generic because I’m saving up for that nightstand of my dreams.

Speaking of the nightstand; the table itself is a vintage bamboo piece I bought when we lived in England. I really do like it.

Room spray by Chi. Love the smell of this. It’s so relaxing to me and keeps stinky husband smells at bay. (Don’t pretend you married people don’t know what I’m talking about)

Lack of fresh flowers. The reason I have no fresh flowers or plants anywhere in my house is because I have Little Kitty. Little Kitty enjoys munching on plants and will knock over any container left on any surface to find out what’s in it.

Remote control. I told you, #howdesignersreallylive. I watch TV in bed. There, I said it.

That silver dish with a bunch of junk in it. The dish is worthy, it’s Nambe. The junk however may not be; glasses to see said television and a handful of earplugs. Don’t judge.

Yes, that’s a landline. I have this paranoia that my kids might have an emergency and my cell phone might be dead. Really you ask? There’s an iphone charger right there. Old habits die hard, don’t they.

Kids: my favorite photo of them. It captures their personalities as children so perfectly.

Paper and pen for any middle of the night brilliant ideas that inevitably come to mind and keep me awake at 3am.

Book. The Great Gatsby is on the table at the moment. However, I rarely pick up a real book. I always seem to reach for that giant stack of magazines you see stacked below the table.

The other miscellaneous you see below the table. A framed print that was also my Grandmother’s that I keep saying I’m going to find a place for, and a giant cut in the drywall that is left over from the porch addition work we had done. We figured we’d wait until we did the master bedroom to fix it. There’s that horrible circle come ’round again…

So I’ve come clean to you all. It’s a bit nervewracking putting this out there in blog land. Do you have the guts to share what’s really on your nightstand? Pop it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me @scoutdeb. And do not fear. If you call me to help you with your master bedroom, I promise that at least when I leave, your space will be magazine-worthy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!