The Newest Scout

Sometimes its just amazing how someone literally walks through your door that you didn’t know you needed so badly. That’s the case with our Rachel. Have you met her yet?

Lori had just let us know she would be leaving us to take on another big project with her husband, so Dana & I had been starting to give each other that look. You know, that look of desperation, like “What are we going to do now?” The “We’re busy and we love Lori, how are we going to live without her?” look.

Around that same time a darling young girl named Rachel walks into our store, unabashedly introduces herself to us and lets us know that she would love to learn anything we will teach her about interior design. I kind of hear the ScoobyDoo “huh” in my head when I read this, but something about Rachel is so infectious (in a good way of course), we instantly fell in Scout-love with her. We know you will too.

Rachel is from Texas- woo hoo! Another southerner in the house. She has her degree in drama education from NYU. Super creative and what we consider one of her biggest attributes: Rachel is a master thrifter. Yes, that’s right. We can’t believe the stuff she can find at thrift shops and we love it.¬†She ended up in Dayton with her husband who is assigned to Wright Patterson AFB, so we know we won’t have her forever, but we are loving the time we do!

You might meet Rachel in a number of ways at Vintage Scout. She is the creator behind some of the original art we’ve been selling in the store and on the website. She is learning the interior design biz by throwing in some hours as an intern (and I’ll admit, helping keep me organized). And if that weren’t enough, she plays shop girl for us too; holding down the store so Dana and I can get out there and meet with clients. So, please stop in and say hi to the newest bright shining face around Vintage Scout- Rachel Ifft.